Jeff Tanner, Jr., Ph.D.

Professor - Marketing

Contact Information

Campus Phone:  (254) 710-3485
Fax:  (254) 710-1068
Mailing Address:  One Bear Place #98007
Waco, TX  76798
Office Location:  HSB 208

Office Hours

T-Thr 8-11


  • Litigation, Slattery & Emmerich, Minneapolis, MN (September 2009 - December 2009)
  • Management, Sri-IIST, Waco (November 2007 - July 2011)


Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Panacea or Paradox: The Moderating Role of Ethical Climate," Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, (December 2014) (coauthors: Emily C. Tanner, Kirk Wakefield).

"Promotion to Change Lifestyle: Securing Participation and Success," Health Marketing Quarterly, Vol. 31, No. 4, (December 2014), pp. 293-311 (coauthors: Morris George).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

Analytics & Dynamic Customer Strategy: Big Profits from Big Data: Wiley, July 2014.

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Stereotype for Salespeople: Professionalizing the Profession," Journal of Marketing Education, (May 2014) (coauthors: Christophe Fournier, P.K. Banda, Jorge Wise).

"New Media in B2B," Winter AMA Educator's Conference, (February 2014).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

Dynamic Customer Strategy: Today's CRM: Business Expert Press, December 2013.

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"ADVANCING A YOUTH-CENTERED APPROACH FOR RISK BEHAVIOR:," Journal of Business Research, (July 2012) (coauthors: Marlys Mason).

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"Transforming Selling: Why It is Time to Think Differently About Sales Research," Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, (Winter 2012) (coauthors: Andrea L. Dixon).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Worksite Wellness: How Engagement Drives Real Health Improvement," (September 2011) (coauthors: Morris George).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Compliance versus Preference: Understanding Salesperson Response to Contests," Journal of Business Research, Vol. 64, (July 2011), pp. 664-671 (coauthors: F. Juliet Poujol, Christophe Fournier).

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Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"Sacramento Kings: Priceless?," (November 2009) (coauthors: Krissy Keen, Mike Vogelaar).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"The Moderating Effect of Ethical Climate on Salesperson Propensity to Leave," Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, (August 2009) (coauthors: Christophe Fournier, Lawrence B. Chonko, Chris Manolis).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"The Foundation of a Sustainable Competitive Advantage," Customer Strategist, Vol. 1, No. 1, (Summer 2009), pp. 34-36.

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Evaluating a Community Saturation Model of Abstinence Education: An Application of Social Marketing Strategies," Health Marketing Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 1, (Winter 2009), pp. 27-38 (coauthors: Mary Anne Raymond, Stacey D. Ladd).

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"Houston Dynamo," (November 2008) (coauthors: Brittany Blum, Caleb O'Flaherty, Brittney Darensberg, Matt Goodwin).

Sales Management: Shaping Future Sales Leaders, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, October 2008 (coauthors: Earl Honeycutt, Robert Erffmeyer).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

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Teaching and Learning Scholarship

Selling: Building Partnerships, 7e, 2008 (coauthors: Barton A. Weitz, Stephen B. Castleberry).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Why Would You Want to be a Salesperson?," (January 2007), pp. 20-23.

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Adolescent Autonomy and the Impact of Family Structure on Materialism and Compulsive Buying," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Vol. 14, No. 4, (Fall 2006), pp. 301-315 (coauthors: Jim Roberts, Chris Manolis).

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Teaching and Learning Scholarship

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Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Materialism and the Family Structure - Family Stress Relation," Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 15, No. 2, (2005), pp. 183-190 (coauthors: Jim Roberts, Chris Manolis).

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

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Basic or Discovery Scholarship

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Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

LaVega MCCAP Participant Report 1999-2000

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Risk Avoidance and Risk Reduction: Reaching Teens at Risk," Healthcare Marketing Quarterly, Vol. 21, No. 3, (2004), pp. 79-106 (coauthors: Christopher Hopkins, Mary Anne Raymond).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Robinson MCCAP Participant Report 1999-2000," (2004).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

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Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Entertaining in Sales: Will my Golf Game Get Better?," (September 2000), pp. 21-23.

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Compulsive Buying and Risky Behavior Among Adolescents," Psychological Reports, Vol. 86, No. 3, (2000), pp. 763-770 (coauthors: James A. Roberts).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

Connally MCCAP Participant Report 1999-2000

McLennan County Collaborative Abstinence Project 1999-2000 Evaluation Report

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Vertical Exchange and Salesperson Stress," Vol. 13, (Spring 1993), pp. 27-36 (coauthors: Larry Chonko, Mark Dunn).

"Sales Training: Status and Needs," Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, Vol. 13, No. 4, (1993), pp. 81-86 (coauthors: Larry Chonko, Bill Weeks).

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

Managerial Marketing Research, Las Palomas, CA, 1990.

Presentations and Proceedings

"The Choice: Lasting Effects of Reasons for Salesperson’s Job Selection," Proceedings of the Society for Marketing Advances, New Orleans, November 2014, Vol. 2014, pp. 178-181 (coauthors: Emily Tanner, Kirk Wakefield).

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"Evolution of Experiential Teaching Approaches in Selling & Sales Management," presented at the National Conference of Sales Management, 2014 (coauthors: Andrea Dixon).

"Business with a Mission in Africa," presented at the Global Business Forum, HSB, March 2013 (coauthors: Cindy Riemenschneider, Blaine McCormick).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Strengthening Empathy and Directed Altruism," presented at the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Research Symposium, Philadelphia, December 2012 (coauthors: Ann Mirabito, Morris George, Susan Harford).

"Health Promotion in Corporations Through Personal Intervention: Influencing Factors and Outcomes," Proceedings of the AMA Winter Marketing Educator's Conference, St. Petersburg, FL, February 2012 (coauthors: Morris George).

"Fake It to Make It," Proceedings of the Sensory Marketing: The Next Frontier, Memphis TN, November 2011 (coauthors: George Dudley).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Illuminating the Path to Purchase," presented at the Partners, Orlando, FL, October 2011.

"Dynamic Strategy: It's Smarketing," presented at the Social Media Strategies, Palo Alto, CA, September 2011.

"Social Media Strategies for B2B," presented at the Red Diamond Congress, Orlando, August 2011.

"Multi-Channel Strategy," presented at the Red Diamond Congress, Orlando, August 2011.

"Incentive Systems and Corporate Strategy, Sales Managers, Sales Professionals, and Customers – What we Know and Need to Know," presented at the Annual Conference, May 2011 (coauthors: Manfred Krafft, Tom DeCarlo, F. Juliet Poujol).
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