Chris Meyer

Associate Professor - Management

Contact Information

Campus Phone:  (254) 710-3048
Mailing Address:  One Bear Place #98013
Waco, TX  76798-8013
Office Location:  Foster Business and Innovation 410.09

Office Hours

Tuesday 9:00A-11A

Educational Background

  • PHD - Business Administration, Michigan State University
  • BBA - Management, Northwood University Mi
  • BBA - Marketing, Northwood University Mi
  • AA - Basic Business, Delta College

Work Experience

  • Associate Professor, Baylor University (August 15, 2011 - Present)
  • Assistant Professor, Baylor University (April 06, 2006 - August 14, 2011)
  • Visiting Instructor, Southern Methodist University (January 2004 - April 2004)
  • Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University (July 2001 - May 2005)
  • Management, Sales, and Marketing Positions, High-tech Start-up Firms (1993 - 2001)

Awards and Honors

  • Senior Fellow - Academy of Teaching and Learning, Baylor University (2015)
  • Fellow - Academy of Teaching and Learning, Baylor University (2014)
  • Outstanding Professor Award, Executive MBA Austin (2012)
  • Outstanding Professor Award, Executive MBA Austin (2009)
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Hankamer School of Business (2009)

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Management
  • International Association of Conflict Management
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists


Christopher Meyer is an Associate Professor of Management at Baylor University. He received his Ph.D. degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University. Meyer’s research interests lie at the intersection of organizational interaction and motivation. Specifically, his research focuses on the impact of such motivational forces as perceptions of fairness, emotions and power on negotiated outcomes or the structure of negotiation. Meyer has taught upper level Organizational Behavior classes and Negotiation classes at the Undergrad, MBA, Executive MBA, and Executive Education levels.

Meyer’s research has been published in Journal of Applied Psychology, Academy of Management Journal, Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, the Handbook of Organizational Justice, the Handbook of Negotiation and Culture, and the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Before returning to school, Meyer worked in a number of management, sales, and marketing positions in industry. He has over eight years of business experience, mostly in high-tech (software) firms in the start-up phase of business, to complement his teaching and research.


Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Authentic Negotiation," (December 2016).

"Negotiating under pressure," (October 2016).

"How to negotiate," (September 2016).

"Lead for the results you want, not what’s worked in the past," (June 2016).

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"Campbell-Lessing Farms," (2014) (coauthors: John E. Schoen, Danny Klinefelter).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"A new perspective on coalitions: What motivates membership?," Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, Vol. 17, (2013), pp. 124-136.

"Scissors Cut Paper: Proactive and Contingent Strategies in a Conflict Situation," International Journal of Conflict Management, Vol. 23, No. 4, (October 2012), pp. 344-361 (coauthors: Blaine McCormick, Rachel Woods, Charles Fifield).

"Individualism-collectivism and team member performance: Another look.," Journal of Organizational Behavior, (2012) (coauthors: J. A. Wagner, III, S. E. Humphrey, J. R. Hollenbeck).

"Scissors cut paper: Proactive and contingent strategies in a conflict situation," International Journal of Conflict Management, (2012) (coauthors: B. McCormick, A. Clement, R. Woods, C. Fifield).

"The nature of personal reputation in organizations: Two complementary studies aimed at construct and criterion-related validity.," Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, (2011) (coauthors: R. A. Zinko, G. R. Ferris, S. E. Humphrey, F. A. Aime).

"Personality configurations in self-managed teams: A natural experiment on the effects of maximizing and minimizing variance in traits," Journal of Applied Social Psychology, (2011) (coauthors: S. E. Humphrey, J. R. Hollenbeck, D. R. Ilgen).

"Legitimacy of group rewards: Analyzing legitimacy as a condition for the effectiveness of group incentive designs," Journal of Business Research, (2010) (coauthors: F. A. Aime, S. E. Humphrey).

"The role of human resource management in protecting information at telecommunications firms.," Journal of Information Privacy and Security, (2009).

"Third Party Interventions Across Cultures: No "One Best Choice"," , Oxford, 2007.

"Trait configurations in self-managed teams: A conceptual examination of the use of seeding to maximize and minimize trait variance in teams.," Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 92, (2007), pp. 885-892.

"Cutthroat cooperation: Asymmetrical adaptation of team reward structures.," Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 49, (2006), pp. 103-119.

"Multiple professional identities: Examining differences in identification across work-related targets.," Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 91, (2006), pp. 498-506.

"How does organizational justice affect performance, withdrawal, and counterproductive behavior?," , Mahwah, NJ, 2005.

"Effects of utilitarian & ontological individualism-collectivism on multitask performance in teams.," Best Paper Proceedings at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Honolulu, HI., (2005).

"Contractual versus emergent third party intervention.," , Palo Alto, CA, 2004.

"Letters to Editor," Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol. 224, (2004), pp. 500-501.

"Personal characteristics, knowledge of the veterinary profession, and influences on career choice among students in the veterinary school applicant pool.," Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol. 223, (2003), pp. 1587-1594.

"Veterinary medicine careers: Present practices and future needs as seen by veterinarians and college students," (2003).

"Hierarchical team decision making," , Oxford, 2002, pp. 175-214.

Presentations and Proceedings

"," presented at the Online Teaching Forum, November 2015.

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"Addressing the Idiosyncratic Nature of Negotiation by Teaching with Fiction," presented at the 28th Annual Conference of the International Association for Conflict Management, Clearwater Beach, Fl, June 2015.

"," presented at the Dwyer Group - Mr. Electric Franchisees Annual Meeting, April 2015.

"," presented at the Spring 2015 Teaching Seminar “Tips from the Trenches: Online Teaching and the new Online Baylor MBA”, March 2015.

"Leveraging Technology in an Interactive Classroom," presented at the HSB Teaching Demonstration, October 2014.

"Addressing the Idiosyncratic Nature of Conflict Situations by Teaching with Fiction," presented at the Provost's Faculty Forum, September 2014.
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