Charles Stanley

Associate Professor - Accounting & Business Law

Contact Information

Campus Phone:  (254) 710-6228
Fax:  (254) 710-1067
Mailing Address:  One Baylor Place #98002
Waco, TX  76798-8002
Office Location:  HSB, Graduate Center, Suite 239, Office #245

Office Hours

MW 12:00-2:00
TR 8:30-9:30

Work Experience

  • Vice-chair, Professional Ethics Committee of the TSCPA (May 1, 2011 - Present)


  • Litigation, William Love, CPA, Austin, Texas (January 2006 - March 2007)

Licensures and Certifications

  • Completion of Ethics CPE, PASS (August 30, 2007 - Present)
  • CPA License, Texas State Board of Public Accounting (April 10, 1977 - Present)

Professional Memberships

  • Beta Alpha Psi
  • Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Committee Chair, American Accounting Association
  • Committee Chair, Texas Society of CPAs
  • Special Review Committee of CAFRs, Government Finance Officers Association


Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Exanding Your Practice-Adding Non-CPA Owners," Today's CPA, (July 2013).

"Got Ethics in TSCPA? The Professional Ethics Committee and its Role," Today's CPA, Vol. 40, No. 3, (November 2012), pp. 3.

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Sexual Harassment in the Accounting Profession: Has the Situation Improved?," Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting, Vol. 15, (2011), pp. 75-99 (coauthors: Jane Baldwin).

"Ethical Attitudes of Accountants: Recent Evidence from a Practitioners' Survey," Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 71, No. 1, (March 2007), pp. 73-87 (coauthors: (Nakao) Tisha Emerson, Stephen Conroy).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Ethics for Texas CPAs," (May 2005).

"Auditing Employee Benefit Plans," (1st Quarter 2005).

"Accounting for Employee Benefits Plans," (3rd Quarter 2004). Online CPE for CPAs

"Acts Discreditable," Today's CPA, (June 2004).

"Compilations and Reviews," (2004).

"Recent Changes to the Texas Code of Professional Conduct: An Update," Today's CPA, (December 2002).

"Update of New Ethics Rules," Today's CPA, (November 2002).

"Sexual Harassment in the Accounting Profession: A Survey of AICPA Members," The Journal of Accounting Ethics, Vol. 3, (1997), pp. 79-98 (coauthors: Jane Baldwin).

Presentations and Proceedings

"Accounting Ethics in the Public Sector," presented at the Government/Nonprofit Midyear meeting, St. Petersburg, Florida, March 2013.

"Accounting Ethics in a Global Setting," Proceedings of the International Accounting Midyear meeting, Savannah, Georgia, February 2013.

"CSR and Accountants in the Public Sector," Proceedings of the 4th World Ethics Business Forum, Hong Kong, China, December 2012.

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Ethical Attitudes of Accountants in Brazil," presented at the 3rd World Business Ethics Conference, Macau, China, October 2010.

"Globalizing Accounting Ethics," presented at the 3rd World Business Ethics Forum, Macau, China, October 2010.

Certificate of Presentation

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Ethical Attitudes of Accountants in Brazil," presented at the Ethics Research Symposium, San Francisco, August 2010.

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"Sexual Harassment in the Accounting Profession: An Update," Proceedings of the National Meeting, New York, New York, December 2009 (coauthors: Jane Baldwin).
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