Ann Mirabito

Associate Professor - Marketing

Contact Information

Campus Phone:  (254) 710-3914
Fax:  (254) 710-1068
Mailing Address:  One Bear Place #98013
Waco, TX  76798
Office Location:  Foster Business and Innovation 410.13

Educational Background

  • PHD - Marketing, Texas A&M Univ College Sta
  • MBA - Business Administration, Stanford University
  • BA - Economics, Duke University

Work Experience

  • Vice President and CMO, Inspire Insurance Solutions (2000 - 2002)
  • Vice President and CMO, Rapidforms, Inc (1996 - 2000)
  • President, Greater Fulton (NY) Chamber of Commerce (1992 - 1996)
  • Vice President and Associate Publisher, Time-Life Books (1988 - 1992)
  • Director of Marketing, Vie de France (1987 - 1988)
  • Product Manager, Frito-Lay (1983 - 1987)
  • Technical Consultant, Chase Bank/Interactive Data Corp. (1979 - 1981)
  • Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Board (1976 - 1979)

Awards and Honors

  • Teaching Excellence Award, Hankamer School of Business (April 2015)
  • Professor of the Month, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (June 2014)
  • Grant recipient, University Research Committee (May 2014)
  • Circle of Achievement Award, Mortar Board Honor Society (2009)
  • Rachel Hunter Moore Outstanding Faculty at Baylor University Award, Chi Omega (2008)


Dr. Ann Mirabito is a marketing professor at the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University where she teaches the MBA Marketing Strategy and the EMBA Healthcare Marketing courses. She is the recipient of the Baylor University Hankamer School of Business Teaching Excellence Award, the Rachel Hunter Moore Outstanding Faculty Award and she has been named to the Mortar Board Circle of Achievement.

A nationally recognized scholar on the use of marketing science to improve consumer well-being, Dr. Mirabito’s research is published in leading marketing and medical journals including Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Annals of Internal Medicine, and Mayo Clinic Proceedings. She is frequently interviewed by national media and consults with leading organizations and with government agencies.

She researches ways to enhance consumer well-being from four perspectives:

1. Well-Being at Work – Her work examines positive paths for workplace wellness that support an individual’s dignity while strengthening organizational engagement, morale, and ROI.

2. Restoring Well-Being – The U.S. has arguably the finest healthcare in the world, but the healthcare delivery mechanism (in marketing parlance, the healthcare distribution channel) is frustrating for both providers and patients. Her research identifies novel approaches to improving consumer outcomes and satisfaction while reducing healthcare costs.

3. Threats to Well-Being – Behavioral addictions to cell phones, texting, gambling and other behaviors threaten consumers’ well-being. This research stream focuses on the use of marketing cues that promote and attenuate behavioral addictions.

4. Uncertainty and Well-Being – Well-being would be easier to achieve if the connections between behaviors and outcomes were more certain. Her research examines ways consumers evaluate risk information: How does the presentation of risk information (graphical or numerical) influence behavioral outcomes? How can consumers evaluate the quality of healthcare providers? How can consumers evaluate the fairness of prices of intangible services?

Before joining the Baylor faculty, Dr. Mirabito had an extensive career in brand management, customer relationship marketing, and public policy. She worked in consumer-facing (Time Life Books division of Time Warner, Frito-Lay), B2B (Chase Econometrics, Rapidforms, Inspire Insurance Solutions), government (Federal Reserve Board) and nonprofit organizations (Chamber of Commerce). Dr. Mirabito is an active volunteer in community organizations (board of trustees of WCNY public television) and with government (named by New York State Governor Mario Cuomo to head the Neighborhood Based Initiative program in Fulton, NY, and later by Governor George Pataki to the Governor’s Advisory Council for Women).


Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"The Stigma Turbine: (De)Stigmatization in the Real Estate Market," (December 2016) (coauthors: Jane E. Machin, Natalie Ross Adkins).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

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Presentations and Proceedings

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Does the Stigmatization Process Follow the Same Path for Stigmatizers and for the Stigmatized? An Empirical Study in the Context of Mental Health," Proceedings of the Marketing and Public Policy Conference, Columbus, OH, June 2018 (coauthors: Marie A Yeh).

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Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

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Basic or Discovery Scholarship

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