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  1. Systems
  2. Statistics
  3. Capitalism
  4. Socialism
  5. Developing World
  6. The Americas
  7. United States
  8. Latin America
  9. Europe
10. United Kingdom
11. Germany
12. France
13. Sweden
14. Eurasia Overview
15. Soviet Planning
16. Eurasia: Reform
17. Eurasia: Transition
18. Asia and Pacific
19. Japan
20. China
21. Africa
22. Economic Future


CES Textbook

Comparative Economic Statistics

Web Resources Related to Chapter 2 of Comparative Economic Systems, 2nd Edition, by H. Stephen Gardner

Methods of Statistical Comparison

Big Mac Exchange Rates
Entropy and Inequality Measures
Higgins, Matthew and Jeffrey Williamson. "Explaining Inequality the World Round"
Inequality, Lorenz Curve, and Gini Coefficient
Purchasing Power Parity
Tyrannical Numbers
Vachris, Michelle and James Thomas. "International Price Comparisons and Purchasing Power Parity"
VIROS - Virtual Institute for Research in Official Statistics (Eurostat)

Sources of Comparative Data

Bank for International Settlements
Big Mac Exchange Rates
Bloomberg Online
Bureau of Arms Control (U.S. State Department, old site)
Bureau of Arms Control (new)
Center for International Health Information
Central Intelligence Agency Publications
Consort. for Internat. Earth Science Info. Network (CIESIN)
Corruption Perception Index
Database for Institutional Comparisons in Europe (DICE)
Development Gateway
Education Indicators: An International Perspective
European Statistical Agencies
Eurostat: Harmonised indices of consumer prices - All items - Change rate M/M-12
Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (SIPRI)
Fortune Magazine Global 500
Global Data Links
Global Financial Data
Global Interest Rates
Harvard Center for International Development
Index of Economic Freedom
International Archive of Education Data (ICPSR)
International Economic Trends (St. Louis Fed)
International Finance Corporation
International Labour Organization
ILO Database Access
Index of Economic Freedom
International Monetary Fund
IMF World Economic Outlook Database
International Regulation Database (OECD)
International Trade Centre
Key Indicators of the Labor Market (ILO)
Luxembourg Income Study
Macroeconomic time series (University St. Gallen)
National Statistical Agencies (from U.S. Bureau of Census)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Paris)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Washington)
Pacific Exchange Rate Service
Penn World Tables
Progress of Nations 2000 (UNICEF)
Purchasing Power of Working Time
RRojas Databank
SIPRI Yearbooks
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center
State of the World's Children (UNICEF)
Statistical Abstract of the United States
Trade & Development Center (WTO/World Bank)
U.N. Development Program
U.N. Environment Programme: Global Environment Outlook
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
U.N. Population Division
U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA)
U.N. Statistics Division
U.S. Bureau of Census, International Data Base
Labor Statistics Database (ILO) Currency Rates and Information Page
World Bank Group
World Charts
World Competitiveness Yearbook
World Database of Happiness
World Development Indicators (requires Baylor access)
World Health Organization
World Health Report
World Income Inequality Database (UNDP/SEPED & UNU/WIDER)
World Resources Institute (WRI)
World Trade Organization

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Links to Economic Data
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