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11. Germany
12. France
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14. Eurasia Overview
15. Soviet Planning
16. Eurasia: Reform
17. Eurasia: Transition
18. Asia and Pacific
19. Japan
20. China
21. Africa
22. Economic Future


CES Textbook

Central Eurasia: Making Markets

Web Resources Related to Chapter 17 of Comparative Economic Systems, 2nd Edition, by H. Stephen Gardner

Across Central Eurasian Region

Anti-Corruption Network for Europe and Eurasia
Background Notes: Europe and the NIS
Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition
Carnegie Endowment: Russia/Eurasia Program
Center for American- Eurasian Studies and Relations (CAESAR)
Center for Civil Society International
Center for Cooperation with Non-Members (OECD)
Center for Economic Reform and Transformation
Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies, Göteborg University
Central Eurasian Studies Society
Centre for the Study of Public Policy (CSPP)
Corruption in Post-Communist Societies
Databases for Central Eurasia
Economic Commission for Europe: Economic Analysis Division
Economies and Societies in Transition (EAST) Newsletter
Eurasia Foundation - News and Analysis from Central Asia and the Caucasus
Eurasia Research Center
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Federal (German) Institute for Russian, East European and International Studies
Harvard Institute of International Development
IMF And World Bank Annual Meeting
Inequality in Transition Economies
Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector (IRIS)
Inst. of Central and Eastern European Studies: U. of Glasgow
International Tax and Investment Center
InTranz (EERC Economies in Transition)
Privatization Issues (National Center for Policy Analysis)
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Russian and East European Network Information Center (REENIC)
Soros Foundations Network
Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE)
Transition Economies: An IMF Perspective
Transition Newsletter (World Bank)
Transitions Online
UNDP - Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS
Vienna Institute for Advanced Sudies, Transition Economics Series
Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW)
William Davidson Institute
World Bank, "Transition - The first ten years."
Centre for the Study of Public Policy (CSPP)

Balkan Area

Crisisweb: the International Crisis Group's on-line system Information Gateway for Southeast Europe
Southeast Europe (IMF)
Southeast European Times


Albanian Daily News
Ministry of Finance of Albania
Political Program of the Albanian Government for 2002 - 2005


Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Croatian Institute for Culture and Information
Croatian National Bank
Croatian President's Office
Croatia Web Central


Economic Chamber of Macedonia
Ministry of Economy
National Bank of Macedonia


Bucharest Business Week
IRIS Center Romania
Romanian Government Room

Serbia and Montenegro

Belgrade (City Council)
Doing business in Yugoslavia
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Official Site
Federal Statistical Office of Yugoslavia
Kosova Crisis Page
Serbian Unity Congress
Yurope (Former Yugoslavia)



Chamber of Economy of Slovenia Business Pages
Ministry of Finance of Slovenia
Slovenian Economic Mirror
Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia


Central and Eastern Europe

Across Central & Eastern Europe Region

Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition
Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center (CEEBIC)
Central and Eastern European Privatization Network
"Central Europe: From Transition to EU Membership." Finance & Development, September 2000
Central Europe Online
Central Europe Review
Central European Economic Review
Eastern European Monitor
LICOS Leuven Institute for Central and East European Studies

Czech Republic

Czech Republic Top Domain
Czech Statistical Office
Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
Prague Tribune
Radio Prague
Vaclav Havel Speech/97-12-09
Zijlstra, Kees. "Czech Republic: A Case Model," NATO, 1995


American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary
Budapest In Your Pocket
Budapest Sun
Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Hungarian Privatization And State Holding Co.
Hungary Page
Open Society Institute - Budapest
Prime Minister's Office, Hungary


Business Polska
Poland Country Commercial Guide
Poland Online
Poznan City Guide
President of the Republic of Poland
Warsaw Voice

Newly Independent States (NIS or Former USSR)

Across NIS Region

BISNIS - Commercial Information on Russia and the NIS
Integrum Database on Russia and CIS
International Tax and Investment Center
Statistical Bureau of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Wolfe, James W. "Privatization in the Former Soviet Union"

Baltic Area

Across the Area

Baltic Development Forum
Baltics Worldwide


Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Estonian Economics
Estonian Social Science Data Archive


Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

Latvian Privatization Agency
United Nations Development Office in Latvia


Lithuanian Department of Statistics

The World Bank Lithuania Office

Black Sea/Caspian/Caucasus/ Area

Across the Area

Caspian Regional Research


Welcome to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Page
Virtual Azerbaijan


AgroWeb Georgia
Georgian Investment Center
Georgian Social and Economic Indicators
Ministry of State Property Management of Georgia
Press Office of President of Georgia

Central Slavic Area


Belarus Now
Belarus Site Index
Vecherny Minsk. Weekly digest


General Information Sites

Andrei Sakharov Foundation
Data Express On-Line
Guide To Russia (Moscow Times)
Johnson's Russia List
List of Russian Web Servers
Planet Russia
Profile Magazine
Russia Information
Russian Internet Homepage
Russian Link of the Day
Russian Studies on the Net
Russian Web Servers

Banking and Finance

Bank of Moscow
Bernstam, Michael S. and Alvin Rabushka. "Fixing Russia's Banks: A Proposal for Growth"
Central Bank of Russia
Ministry of Finance
Renaissance Capital
Russian Credit Bank
Russian Project Finance Bank
St. Peterburg Futures Exchange
United Financial Group
World Bank Group in Russia

Commercial Law

Central and East European Law Initiative
Legislation in Russia


Sokol Aircraft Plant
Technology Business in Russia (R)

Economic Reports

Aslund, Anders. "The Myth of Output Collapse after Communism"
Bayov, Sergei A. "Investment Climate of the Russian Federation"
Bernstam, Michael S. and Alvin Rabushka. "From Predation to Prosperity: Breaking up Enterprise Network Socialism in Russia"
Bernstam, Michael S. and Alvin Rabushka. "The Secret of Russian Economic Growth"
ECAAR Reports
Fischer, Stanley. "Press Briefing on Russia"
Fischer, Stanley. "The Russian Economy at the Start of 1998"
Maliy, Matvei. "How to Make Russia a Normal Country," 2000
Menshikov, Stanislav: Economic Commentary
Petro, Nicolai N. "Novgorod: A Russian Model of Development"
Russia and the Arms Trade
Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey
Russian Outlook (Leon Aron, American Enterprise Institute)
Russia's Development Strategy to 2010
Russia's Virtual Economy
Soviet Past and the Russian Future
Unpaid Russian Wages
World Bank Group in Russia

Economic Research Institutes

Carnegie Moscow Center
Central Economics-Mathematics Institute
Centre for Economic and Financial Research
Department of World Economy Problems and of International Relations (DWEPIR)
Economic Expert Group (Consult Ministry of Finance)
Expert Group
Institute for the Economy in Transition
Leontief Center
Russian Academy of Science: Economics Section
Russian Analitica
Russian-European Centre for Economic Policy
Russian Research Program, Econ. Ed. and Research Consortium

Economic Statistics

Arms Exports by Russian enterprises
Bank of Russia
Economic Expert Group (Consult Ministry of Finance)
Goskomstat (Russian State Committee on Statistics)
Goskomstat of Russia (2)
Historical Statistical Data (Hokkaido)
Russian Economic Trends (at RECEP)
Russian State Budget
Russian Statistics
Statistical Bureau of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Statistics Portal, Higher School of Economics (Use MS Explorer)

Foreign Economic Relations

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
American-Russian Business Council
Arms Exports by Russian enterprises
EMSTS Corporation - customs and shipping services
Foreign Economic Review (Russia)
Foreign Investment in Russia
Foreign Trade of Russia
Foreign Trade Statistics (Commercial Site)
Russia and the WTO
Russia: Export/Import
Russia: Foreign Economic Relations
Russian Market Research Institute (VNIKI)
State Customs Committee of Russian Federation

Government and Politics

Corruption in Russia: No Democracy Without Morality -- Heritage
Gazeta.Ru: President's Interview
Gref, German Oskarovich
Human Rights in Russia
Moscow Libertarium
Nemtsov, Boris
Personalities of Saint-Petersburg
Political Leaders: Russia
Public Opinion Foundation
Russian Communist Party
Russian Constitution (1993)
Russian Government (Official)
Russian Political Weekly


Delovaya Pressa (Russia)
"Echo of Moscow" (radio)
"Ekomomika i zhizn" ("Economics and Life")
Interfax News Agency
Russian National News Service
Pravda Daily Newspaper
RosBusinessConsulting (in Russian)
Russia Reform Monitor
Russia Today
Russian Journal
Russian Life
Russian Media Guide
Russian National News Service
Samovar Internet Consulting, LLC. : News & Publications
Vestnik - Russian-American Russian language biweekly magazine
Voice of Russia

Oil Industry

Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections
Center for Russia in Asia, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, USA
EIA Reports (Russian Oil Resources)
Rossiya. NEFT': Internet-resursy
Russian Petroleum Investor
USGS Eastern Energy Resources

Regions and Cities

Economics of Tatarstan
Moscow Mayor's Office
Moscow Welcome
Nizhni Novgorod
Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey
Russian Regional Studies Network
St. Petersburg Construction
St.Petersburg Official Site
Ural Regional Center: Freenet


Current Social Issues in Ukraine (BRAMA)
Gateway Ukraine (BRAMA)
Kyiv Post
Ukrainian Web Links
United Nations in Ukraine
Welcome to Ukraine
Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting in Ukraine

Central Asian Area

Across Central Asia

Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst
Central Asian Studies World Wide
Crisisweb: the International Crisis Group's on-line system - News and Analysis from Central Asia and the Caucasus
Paksoy, H.B. E-Books on Central Asia
RFE/RL Turkmen Service


President of Kazakstan

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