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H. Stephen Gardner
Herman Brown Professor of Economics
Director, McBride Center for International Business
Baylor University

Employment Books and Monographs
  • Economic Integration in the Americas, Routledge Press, 2008, ed. with Joseph McKinney.
  • Comparative Economic Systems , Dryden Press, 1988 and Second Edition, Dryden Press, 1998. Five chapters from this book were republished in the text, Global Leadership for the Technology-Based Organization, ed. by Michael Brandt, Harcourt College Publishers, 2000

  • Soviet Foreign Trade: The Decision Process, Kluwer, 1983.

  • Soviet International Economic Relations: Recent Trends in Policy and Performance, California Seminar on International Security and Foreign Policy, 1981.
Articles and Conference Papers
  • "Wellbeing Indices: A Comprehensive Inventory of Standards and a Review of Current Comparative Measures," with J. Haavard Maridala, Les Palich, Grant Morgan, Joseph McKinney, and Corneliu Bolbocean. Ecological Economics, 149 (2018), 1-11.
  • "International Higher Education." In Beyond 2020: Envisioning the Future of the American University. American Council on Education, edited by Mary Darden, 2009.
  • "Kazakhstan: Building a Competitive Economy and Defeating the Resource Curse." Presented at the forum, “Kazakhstan’s Model of Economic Development: New Challenges and Perspectives of Competitive Development,” held by the JSC Economic Research Institute at the Ministry of Economy and Budgetary Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, September 21, 2007.
  • “Globalization and Promotion of Creativity in Education,” with William Mitchell, presented to the University Presidents’ Forum, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, October 2006.
  • “Gref, Putin, and the New Wave of Russian Economic Reform,” Southwest Social Sciences Association in New Orleans, March 30, 2002.
  • "Learning from One Another: The Future of Swedish and American Health Care." Baylor Business Review, Winter/Spring 2002.
  • “Russian Foreign Economic Relations: The Influence of the Soviet Past,” The University Of Houston - Oxford University second joint conference, “Initial Conditions and the Transition Economy in Russia,” Houston, Texas, April 19-21, 2001.

  • “Which Way Globalization?” Baylor Business Review, Fall 2000.

  • "Atlantic Economic Relations and the Future of NATO," The Fourth Annual Trent Park International Conference on The Future of the Atlantic Community, New Hall, Middlesex University, Trent Park, London, June 18, 1999.

  • “Alternatives to the Virtual Economy,” Southwestern Economic Association, San Antonio, April 1999.

  • "United States Leadership in the World Economy," Baylor Business Review, Spring 1998.

  • "The Political Economy of Russian Financial Policy," presented to the Southwestern Slavic Association, Denton, Texas, February 1998.

  • "Russian Monetary Policy and the Nonpayments Crisis" presented to the Southwestern Economics Association, Dallas, March 1997.

  • "The Role of Privatization in the Russian Transition," presented to the Southwestern Economics Association, Houston, March 1996.

  • "The Russian Economy: Signs of Hope," presented to the Southwestern Economics Association, Dallas, March 1995.

  • "Integrating Transitional Economies into the World Economy," presented to the Salzburg Seminar, "Transitioning Economies: Comparative Perspectives," January 1995.

  • "The Russian Economy: Another Crossroads," presented to Southwestern Economics Association, San Antonio, March 1994.

  • "Product Quality and Price Inflation in Transitional Economies," in Economic Statistics for Economies in Transition: Eastern Europe in the 1990s, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Eurostat, Washington, D.C., 1994.

  • "The Economic Transition in Russia: A Progress Report," presented at Southwestern Economics Association, New Orleans, March 1993.

  • "Teaching Business in Russia," Baylor Business Review , Fall 1992, pp. 2-5.

  • "The Fall of Communism and the Future of Comparative Economic Studies," presented at Southwestern Economic Association, San Antonio, March 1991.

  • "Restructuring the Ruble: Prospects for Convertibility" (with Steve Green). One of eleven award-winning essays in the AMEX Bank Review International Essay Competition. Published in Finance and the International Economy , 3rd ed., edited by Richard O' Brien and Ingrid Iversen, London, Oxford University Press, 1990.

  • "The Implications of Greater East-West Economic Cooperation for the Soviet Economy," in Perestroika and East-West Economic Relations , New York University Press, 1990.

  • "Restructuring the Economic and Political System of the USSR," Journal of Private Enterprise Education, Spring 1990.

  • "U.S.-Soviet Trade: Old Problems and New Opportunities," Baylor Business Review, Summer 1989, pp. 2-8.

  • "Restructuring the Soviet Foreign Trade System," Columbia Journal of World Business, Summer 1988, pp. 7-11.

  • "The Commodity and Factor Composition of Soviet Foreign Trade with the West and the East, 1970-1986," Eastern Economic Association, Boston, March 1988.

  • "Determinants of Real Wage Levels in OECD Countries," Western Economic Association, San Francisco, June 1986.

  • "East-West Economic Relations: The Policy Implications of Recent Scholarship," U.S. Information Agency, International Economic Perspectives , 1985.

  • "The Sluggish Soviet Economy," Baylor Business Review , Winter 1985, pp. 9-13.

  • "How Should Soviet Trade Subsidies To Eastern Europe Be Measured?" Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars, Washington, D.C., October 1984.

  • "Assessing the Cost to the U.S. Economy of Trade Sanctions Against the U.S.S.R.," in Gordon Smith, ed., The Politics of East-West Trade , Westview, 1984.

  • "Soviet Foreign Trade Decision Making in the 1980s," Columbia Journal of World Business, Winter 1983, pp. 17-23.

  • "Soviet Foreign Trade Efficiency Criteria," Association for Comparative Economic Studies, New York, December 1982.

  • "The Factor Content of Soviet Foreign Trade: Rejoinder," Association for Comparative Economic Studies Bulletin, Spring 1981, pp. 89-101.

  • "Recent Developments in Soviet Foreign Trade Planning," Occasional Papers of the International Research Exchanges Board, 1980.

  • "The Factor Content of Soviet Foreign Trade: A Synthesis," Association for Comparative Economic Studies Bulletin, Summer 1979, pp. 1-16.

International Business Education
  • Finalized an exchange agreement with the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar, Germany, 2015.
  • With Joseph McKinney, organized the " China in the World Economy" Forum, 2008.
  • Finalized new agreements between Baylor University and the Cologne Business School (Germany), and the Paris School of Business(France), 2008.  
  • Coordinated the creation of new Business Foreign Language majors at Baylor, making it possible for BBA students to complete a full major in any available foreign language, 2007.
  • With Joseph McKinney, organized the "Texas in Global Business" Forum, 2007.
  • With Joseph McKinney, organized the Free Trade in the Americas Conference, 2005.
  • Faculty coordinator for Executive MBA study tour in St. Petersburg, Russia,  working with St. Petersburg State University to arrange for the group to visit facilities and meet with leaders of Coca Cola, Gillette, Baltika, and SoyuzAvto, in April 2005.
  • Organized visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg by a Baylor delegation, meeting with administrators of the Academy of National Economy, Russian-American Christian University, and St. Petersburg State University, during June 2003.
  • Served as Acting Director of International Programs for Baylor University during Fall 2002.  Duties included management of SEVIS compliance, chairmanship of the Council on International Education; representing Baylor at meetings of the MAUI (Big 12), CGE (Baptist), and IIBD (Hong Kong) consortia.
  • With Professor Bengt Jonsson, Director of the Center for Health Economics of the Stockholm School of Economics, organized the Baylor-Stockholm School of Economics Conference on Health Care Policy , Stockholm, Sweden in May, 2001 .
  • As a fellow of the Salzburg Seminar, participated in the Freeman Symposium, “East Asia - The United States: A Search for Common Values” at Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria, May-June, 2000.

  • Represented Baylor at annual Board of Directors meetings of the International Institute for Business Development, Hong Kong, November 1997, November 1998, and November 2000.

  • With Linda Livingstone, coordinated creation/operation of in-house MBA program for employees of the Shandong Electric Power Company in Jinan, China, beginning in Fall 1999, and taught classes in China for the program in March, 2000, and July, 2001.

  • Cordinated Baylor sponsorship of “Korea Caravan: Ambassadors Tour,” with the International Small Business Development Center, Dallas, September 1998.

  • Participated in the program, "Administrative Strategies for Internationalizing the Business School," conducted by the Daniel Mangement Center, University of South Carolina, in Chicago, Illinois, June 1998.

  • Participated in annual Board of Directors meeting of the International Institute for Business Development, Hong Kong, November 1997.

  • Participated in Baylor delegation to negotiate a new exchange program with the International University of Moscow (Summer 1997), and serve as general coordinator of that program.

  • Coordinated six-month visit by Vasilii Babunashvili, a research scholar from theGeorgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1996-1997.

  • Field Advisor for the American Council of Teachers of Russian. Evaluated proposals in economics for the Regional Scholar Exchange, providing travel support to scholars from the former Soviet Union, 1991-1997.

  • With Alan Cook, made arrangements for visit to Dallas of Polish leader, Lech Walesa, October 1996.

  • With Alan Cook, coordinated Hankamer co-sponsorship of "ASEAN Ambassadors' Tour," Dallas, June 1996.

  • With Alan Cook, coordinated Hankamer co-sponsorship of "Foreign Policy Town Meeting" with U.S. State Department and Dallas Council on World Affairs, Dallas, May 1996.

  • With Stan Madden and the American Marketing Association, coordinated week-long visit to Baylor by Vladimir Ershov, a food marketing specialist from St. Petersburg, Russia, March, 1996.

  • Coordinate all aspects of Baylor participation in business education in St. Petersburg, Russia. Beginning in 1991, worked with the Yedineniye trade union to establish a Russian-American Business Institute. Negotiated agreements, designed curriculum, selected American instructors, coordinated travel documents and housing, prepared opening ceremony (covered by Russian national television), provided continuing support to instructors, solicited financial support, and arranged internships for Russian students. In 1993, negotiated an agreement between Baylor and the St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance. Now developing faculty and student exchanges, and providing support on curriculum development.

  • Serve as the Baylor University representative on the International University Consortium for St. Petersburg, and serve as Western co-chair of the Working Group on Distance Education for that consortium.

  • Organized "Baylor Russian Business Conference," a study tour for a group of American businesspeople who visited Moscow and Saint Petersburg and met with their Russian counterparts, July 1993.

  • Participated on advisory board for U.S. Department of Energy to create a new "Oil and Gas Index," December 1991.

  • Organized international conference, "The Economic Revolution in Eastern Europe," with speakers from the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland, Baylor University, October 1990.

Selected Speeches and Professional Presentations

  • “Contributions of Free Enterprise to Civil Society,” combined meeting of Waco Rotary and the Leadership in Free Enterprise program, April 2005.
  • “International Student Recruiting: New Challenges and Strategies,” Southwest Business Deans Association, Dallas, February 2005.
  • “Immanuel Kant: An Economist’s Perspective,” Baylor Scholars’ Day, March 2004.
  • “The World Economy Two Years After,” in “The World Two Years After 9/11” conference organized by the Center for International Education, Baylor University September 11, 2003.
  • “Russia’s New Role in the International Economy” to a group of  Russian executives hosted by the “Community Connections” program of the Dallas Council on World Affairs, Dallas, May 9, 2000.

  • “Regional and Global Trade Liberalization: Substitutes or Complements?” at the Wilton Park conference, “Multilateral Trade Negotiations: the Way Forward?,” Wiston House, Steyning, West Sussex, U.K., June 1999.

  • “The Launch of the Euro: Its Significance for Asia,” Fudan University, Shanghai, November 1998.

  • "Is Economics Still the Dismal Science? Social Scientists and the New Century," Faculty Seminar, Baylor University, April 1998.

  • "Exchange Rate Policy and the Asian Financial Crisis," Yonok College, Lampang, Thailand, November 1997.

  • "Alternative Visions of the Twenty-First Century," Conference on Organizational and Managerial Responses into the 21st Century, Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand, November 1997.

  • "Russia and the United States: Growing Cooperation," Baylor Continuing Education "Great Decisions" program for the Waco community, February 1997.

  • "A Common Fate: Japan and the United States in the World Economy," Baylor visitors from Hosei University of Tokyo, Japan, July 1996.

  • "Superpower Economics," Baylor-Rotary Leadership in Free Enterprise Program, Baylor, June 1996.

  • "Living in a World Without Walls," Annual Academic Awards Banquet, Waco Independent School District, March 1995.

  • "Background on Chechnya," presentation for the Baylor "Great Decisions" program for the Waco community, January 1995.

  • "The Russian Petroleum Market: New Opportunities and Old Frustrations," National Association of Credit Managers, International Section, Dallas, May 1994.

  • "Bosnia: What Can Be Done?" Keynote address in University Forum for Bosnia Awareness Week, Baylor University, April 1994.

  • "New Developments in International Business Education," International Trade Association of Dallas-Fort Worth, Dallas, September 1993.

  • "Lessons From Russian Business Education," Cooperative Services International Education Consortium, Waco, September 1993.

  • "Outlook for the International Economy," presented at the Economic Forecast Conference, Waco, October 1992.

  • "Rebuilding the Russian Petroleum Market," Mid-States Petroleum Exporters Association, Dallas, September 1992.

  • "The New Russian Revolution: Opportunities for American Business," address to International Trade Association of Dallas/Fort Worth, Dallas, January 1992.

  • "The New Frontier: American Business and the Russian Economic Revival," address to a joint meeting of the American Chemical Society and the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Duncan, Oklahoma, December 1991.

  • "PetroStroika: The New Soviet Energy Market," Society of Petroleum Engineers, Dallas, October 1991.

  • "The Economic Revolution in Eastern Europe," Dallas District Export Council, October 1990.

  • Interpreter and discussant for Valentin Feodorov, Rector of the Plekhanov Economics Institute in Moscow, for keynote address to the Association of Private Enterprise Education, Orlando, April 1989.

  • "Doing Business with the Eastern Bloc," delivered in the distinguished lecturer series at Baldwin-Wallace College, February 1989.
Other Activities and Honors
  • World Affairs Council of Dallas and Fort Worth, Board Member from 2009-2015, and then elected as a permanent member of the Mallon Circle.
  • Baylor University “Outstanding Professor,” 2004-2005.
  • Appointment as Senior Research Fellow of the IC2 Institute , University of Texas at Austin, 1998.

  • Chosen by Baylor faculty to be "Outstanding Tenured Professor" in 1993-94.

  • Interviews in print, television, and radio, including those in/with USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, Dallas Morning News , Voice of America, WBAP (Dallas), KRLD (Dallas), KWTX (Waco), and KCEN (Waco/Temple).
Professional Associations

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