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Comparative Economic Systems

CES Textbook Here, you will find a large collection of Web resources, organized according to the subject matter in my textbook, Comparative Economic Systems, 2nd Edition

(ISBN: 0-03-032822-5) 

Part I: Bases of Comparison
       1. Economic Systems: Classification and Performance
       2. Comparative Economic Statistics

Part II: Economic Systems
        3. History and Theories of Capitalism
        4. History and Theories of Socialism
        5. Economics of the Developing World

Part III: The Americas
        6. The Western Hemisphere: An Introduction
        7. The United States: The Service Economy
        8. Latin America: The Jaguars Awaken

Part IV: Western Europe
        9. The European Economy: An Introduction
       10. The United Kingdom: Declining Capitalism
       11. Germany: Unifying the Social Market Economy
       12. France: Planning in the Market Economy
       13. Sweden: Whither the Welfare State? 

Part V: Central Eurasia
       14. Central Eurasia and Eastern Europe: History and Overview
       15. The Political Economy of Soviet-Style Central Planning
       16. Central Eurasia: Socialist Economic Reforms
       17. Central Eurasia: Making Markets

Part VI: Asia and Africa
       18. Asia and the Pacific Area: An Overview
       19. Japan: Rebuilding after the Bubble
       20. China: The Continuing Revolution
       21. Africa: The Challenge of Development

Part VII: Conclusions and Prospects
       22. The Economic Future: Cooperation or Confrontation? 

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