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  1. Systems
  2. Statistics
  3. Capitalism
  4. Socialism
  5. Developing World
  6. The Americas
  7. United States
  8. Latin America
  9. Europe
10. United Kingdom
11. Germany
12. France
13. Sweden
14. Eurasia Overview
15. Soviet Planning
16. Eurasia: Reform
17. Eurasia: Transition
18. Asia and Pacific
19. Japan
20. China
21. Africa
22. Economic Future


CES Textbook

The Political Economy of Soviet-Style Central Planning

Web Resources Related to Chapter 15 of Comparative Economic Systems, 2nd Edition, by H. Stephen Gardner

"Building the Collective," Soviet Graphic Art
Decree on Foreign Trade, 22 April 1918
CIA Assessments of the Soviet Union
Feshbach, Murray. Introduction to Ecological Disaster: Cleaning Up the Hidden Legacy of the Soviet Regime
Historical Statistical Data (Hokkaido)
Hoover Institution Library
Lenin Mausoleum
Lenin's Last Struggle
McCain, Roger A. "Central Planning."
Nayshul V. "Communism: Death or Transformation?"
Note to Stalin Re the C.C. and Foreign Trade Monopoly
Re the Monopoly of Foreign Trade
Research in Former Soviet archives
Soviet Past and the Russian Future
Spalding, Elizabeth E. Review of The Soviet Tragedy by Martin Malia

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