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  1. Systems
  2. Statistics
  3. Capitalism
  4. Socialism
  5. Developing World
  6. The Americas
  7. United States
  8. Latin America
  9. Europe
10. United Kingdom
11. Germany
12. France
13. Sweden
14. Eurasia Overview
15. Soviet Planning
16. Eurasia: Reform
17. Eurasia: Transition
18. Asia and Pacific
19. Japan
20. China
21. Africa
22. Economic Future


CES Textbook

History and Theories of Capitalism

Web Resources Related to Chapter 3 of Comparative Economic Systems, 2nd Edition, by H. Stephen Gardner

Precapitalist Economic Systems

Ancient Economies I
Ancient Greek World Index
Aquinas, Thomas. Summa Theologica,
Aristotle, "Nichomachean Ethics," c. 350 BCE
Aristotle. "Politics," c. 350 BCE
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Reading Guides to Social Science Classics

Early Views of Capitalism

Avalon Project : Economic Treatises
Classics of Economics
Economics E-Texts
Great Economists and Their Times
History Of Economics Society
James's Liberty File
Jefferson School--Essays on Capitalism
J.M. Keynes, Economic Consequences of the Peace
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Malthus, Thomas. An Essay on the Principle of Population, 1798
Marx/Engels Internet Archive
Marx, Karl. Capital, Vol. I
Marx, Karl. Critique of the Gotha Programme, 1875
Mill, John Stuart. The Principles of Political Economy, 1848
Political Philosophy Topic Page
Smith, Adam. The Wealth of Nations, 1776
Walras Homepage for Queen's Economics
William Godwin Archive

Contemporary Views of Capitalism

Adam Smith Institute
Boaz, David. "Libertarianism: A Primer"
Brenner, Reuven. "Freedom's Road." Forbes, May 1999
Cato Institute
Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism
Forum on Economic Freedom
Friedrich Hayek Scholars' Page
McCain, Roger A. "Market Capitalism"
Right Side of the Web

Global Capitalism

Americans on Globalization
Anthony Giddens on Globalization (Carnegie Endowment)
Bank for International Settlements
BBC News. "Globalisation: What on Earth is it about?"
Central Bank Exchange Rate Policy & Monetary Policy Survey
Fallows, James. "How the World Works"
Fernand Braudel Center (Binghamton U.)
G8 Information Centre (U. Toronto)
Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism
Guardian, "Special report: Globalisation"
International Forum on Globalization
International Monetary Fund
Lexus and The Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization, by Thomas L. Friedman
Mobilization for Global Justice
New Economy Information Service
Global Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility
Soros, George. "The Capitalist Threat," Atlantic Monthly, February 1997.
Soros, George. "Toward a Global Open Society," Atlantic Monthly, January 1998.
World Bank Group
World Trade Organization
WTO; Trade Negotiation
What Is an Economy For? - 94.01
ZNet -- World Trade Crisis


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