Kirk L. Wakefield

Baylor Marketing Department
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Position: Chair, Marketing Department, Associate Professor, Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University

Contact info: 254-710-4267, , PO Box 98007, Waco, Texas  76798; 254-710-1068 (fax)

Research Interests: sports marketing, physical environment, retailing & city development, price perceptions...

Publications: Journal of Retailing (4), Psychology & Marketing (2), Journal of Services Marketing (4), Journal of Sport Management (2), Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice (2), Journal of Leisure Research, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management (2), ACR, and others...


  PR BIO: Kirk L. Wakefield
Ph.D. Saint Louis University (1991)
MBA Baylor University (1981)
BBA  Southwest Baptist University (1980)

Sports Marketing. Since working as a secret shopper for the St. Louis Cardinals in grad school, Dr. Wakefield has taken an interest in finding out what makes sports fans tick. Kirk has conducted fan research in virtually every venue in sports: NBA, NFL, MLB, ATP Tennis, NASCAR, SEC Football, Minor League Baseball (A, AA, AAA), NCAA basketball, and Professional Hockey, as well as a variety of other leisure retail venues. This research has led to over 30 publications, mostly about sports venues, sponsorships and fans. Kirk's new text, Team Sports Marketing, will be published by Elsevier in 2007.

Retailing. Great sports marketing is basically about providing an exciting retail experience. Kirk has extended his research on sports stadiums and arenas and its effects on fans to also examine shopping center and store design on consumers. Most recently, this work has been extended to consider what excites consumers when they visit online stores.

Kirk is currently the Chair of the Department of Marketing in the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.