Kirk L. Wakefield

Business of Professional Sports

How to get a job in pro sports...


Top 10 Things to Do to Get a Job in Sports

1. Get an internship. Now.

Scan the web for internship & job possibilities.

2. Get another internship. Then you can start thinking about getting a paying job in sports.


3. Attend the annual league meetings.

4. Access league and team job openings.

5. Best bet: Find someone that knows somebody.

  • Major Pro Sports teams receive, on average, 50 resumes a week. (50 x 50 = 2500). The odds that your resume gets picked up increases dramatically if you already know someone there.

6. Consider sports-related jobs that put you into contact with sports teams.

7. Join any sports career network organization in your university or community.

  • Baylor Sports Career Network (First meeting is on Monday (9-30) at 8 p.m. in Castellaw room 245)

8. Consider interning or working for sports commissions.

9. Contact someone who is currently doing the job you would like to have.

  • Ask them about their responsibilities and the nature of the job. For instance, most jobs in team sports mean long hours.
  • And it's not always glamourous; especially during the season where you may be rolling up the tarp in the rain and living off hot dogs and nachos.
  • Ask him/her what s/he did to get the job and any other advice they have.

10. Find the decision-maker. Be persistent. Be polite.

  • Place a phone call to find out who is making the hiring decision for the position for which you are applying. Follow up your application with a phone call regarding its status. Visit the individual in person if at all possible. Exhibit good social skills!