Administrative Proverbs


Advice From Church Administrators On Successful Church Change


Alternatives to Committees


Are You Ready for the Meeting?


Assessing Your Administrative Effectiveness


Assessing Your Personal Managerial Effectiveness


Board Psychology


Bridge-Building Between Ministries


Church Audit


Church Management: Combining the Spiritual and the Organizational


Church Time Audit


Committee Survey Results


Conflict Diagnosis


Crisis Ministry: God’s 21st Century Harvest Field


DARE to be a Team


Decision Impact Analysis


Delivering the 4 I AM’s


Developing Balanced Christian Leadership


Effective Committee Meetings


Effective Ministry Meetings


Expand Your Vision to Greater Ministry Success


Flunking Strategy


Formulating the Mission Statement


Fresh Ideas for Budgeting


 Growing Beyond Cultural Christianity In The Local Church


Hands-On Leadership Development


Hands-On Leadership for Your Staff & Board


Healthy Church Organization


Helping Deacons Understand Sunday School Effectiveness


How Deacons Help Behind-The-Scenes-People


How Well Do You Know Your Organization?


In SIGHT of Your Personal Blindspots


Is Your Church Recycling For Growth?


Leadership Readiness


Leading Your Board


Managing Pastoral Accessibility


 Ministry Budgeting


Ministry Contributions Report


Ministry Resource Audit


Mission Statement Formulation


Motivation: Not A Technique


New Strategy for Time Management


Practical Strategic Planning Tools


Principles of Healthy Church Growth


Productive Strategies for Working With Committees


Rocket Fuel for Your Board


Sample Meeting Agenda


Sample Minutes


Shared Ministry-Shared Leadership


Spiritual Principles Of Church Health


State of the Ministry Report


Stay Out of the Church Growth Quicksand


Strategic Management for Churches


Strategic Planning for Christian Organizations


Strategic Roadmap


Strategic Thinking


Successful Change Strategy for Sunday School


Successful Situational Christian Leadership


Team Bill of Rights


Team Leadership Assessment


Ten Paradoxes Of Church Growth


Ten Ways Prison Ministry Promotes Church Growth


The Comfortable Church Or The Great Commission Church?


The Ethical Administrator


Tips for Leading Meetings


Tips for Reducing Conflict


Turning Performance Evaluation Into Contributions Analysis


Understanding Church Burnout and What to Do About It


Understanding How Christian Organizations Work


Understanding Sunday School Effectiveness


Welcome to Our Team!


What Should a Leader Do?


Why Christian Organizations Get Stuck in the Mud


Why Organizations Flunk Strategy


Why We Don't Pray