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In order to participate in the Baylor in Great Britain program, you must take two courses (one primary and one readings). The first course listed below each professor's name is a primary/lecture course. This professor will be your primary professor. You will take field trips with this class and complete class projects together.

Each of the second courses listed above is a readings course. Your second course must be a readings course since we schedule only one primary/lecture period from 8 am to 10 am each day. You may choose to take the second course with your primary professor or with another professor.

Economics –  Dr. James Henderson—Co-Director 
Phone: 710-4139
Email: (click here)
ECO 2306
: Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 4V98: Comparative Health Care Systems

English - Dr. Mary Lynn Klingman;  Phone: 710-6884
Email: (click here)

ENG 2301: British Literature
ENG 3378: Special Topics: Travel Writing

History Dr. Jim SoRelle; Phone: 710-4621
Email: (click here)
HIS 1305: World History to 1500
HIS 4340: Special Topics in History: England in the 1960s

Management - Dr. Gary Carini; Phone: 710-4585
Email: (click here)
MGT 3305
: Organizational Behavior
MGT 4398: Current Issues in Strategic Management

Management Information Systems – Dr. Tim Kayworth; Phone: 710-4751
Email: (click here)
MIS 3305: Management Information Systems
MIS 4398: Information Ethics and Security in a Globally Connected World

Marketing - Dr. Mark Dunn; Phone: 710-6175
Email: (click here)
MKT 3305: Principles of Marketing
MKT 4398: Current Issues in Strategic Marketing

PsychologyDr. Charles Weaver —Co-Director 
Phone: 710-2240
Email: (click here)
PSY 3380: Forensic Psychology
PSY 3318: Psychology of Memory

Religion Dr. Blake Burleson; Phone: 710-3940
Email: (click here)
REL/AST/MH 3345: World Religions
REL 4300: Special Topics in Religion: Pilgrimages to Sacred Places in Great Britain


St. James Park, London


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