About This Course
Information technology is pervasive in almost every business process. Integration of new technology has introduced new risks and drastically changed the internal control environment that accountants and auditors face. Many traditional controls are no longer relevant, and more importantly, no longer effective. This course will examine risks associated with information technology and focus on effective means for controlling that risk. Implications for the audit of new information technologies will also be examined.

It is no secret that today’s employers expect employees to possess a high level of understanding of information technology. The International Federation of Accountants states “all professional accountants, irrespective of their primary work domain or role, must acquire both relevant theoretical and practical IT skills.” The Big 5 public accounting firms indicate that the fastest growing area of their revenue is in information security and risk practices. This course will begin your journey of lifelong learning about such knowledge and skills.

Course Delivery Method

This course is being delivered in a way that is different from any other accounting course you have taken. While we will meet in the classroom, we will be making extensive use of the Internet as a delivery and learning tool. One advantage of this method is that to a great degree, you can complete the preparation whenever and wherever you choose (within reason!).

The course schedule provides a list of topics we will be exploring this semester. From this schedule you can access specific daily teaching plans. You should complete the readings and activities listed in the daily teaching plans.

We will use virtual class discussions to allow experts from across the country to share their expertise with us. This will be accomplished through a software package called Blackboard. You will note in several daily teaching plans a requirement to participate in an online chat. These chats will be a part of your final course grade. You can choose to join us in the lab on those days or participate from the comfort of your own living room. Transcripts of the chat sessions will be made available for later viewing as well.