Yasamin Hadavi

Ph.D. Student - Information Systems & Business Analytics

Contact Information

Office Location:  Foster Business and Innovation¬†


Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"The Importance of Interactivity and Engagement in E-Learning," (August 2021) (coauthors: Robin Wakefield).

"Crisis Driven Digital Transformation," (coauthors: Hope W. Koch, Sean Dwyer, Ramona Ionescu, Qing Li).

Presentations and Proceedings

"Building Organizational Resilience: How Digital Transformation Creates Value in a Crisis," Proceedings of the Academy of Management Conference, July 2021, Vol. 2021, No. 1 (coauthors: Sean M Dwyer, Hope Koch, Russell E Browder).

"Crisis Driven Digital Transformation," Proceedings of the 41st International Conference on Information Systems TREO Talk, October 2020 (coauthors: Hope W. Koch, Sean M. Dwyer, Ramona Ionescu, Qing Li).
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