Stephanie Kunst

Assistant Professor - Management

Contact Information

Mailing Address:  One Bear Place #98006
Waco, TX  76706
Office Location:  Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation¬†220.47

Educational Background

  • PHD - Human Resources Management, Michigan State University
  • PHD - Organizational Behavior, Michigan State University
  • BA - Psychology, California State University Fullerton

Awards and Honors

  • Instructor Excellence Award for the Undergraduate Programs, Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business (May 2018)

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Management (May 2012 - Present)


Dr. Stephanie (Lee) Kunst received her PhD from Michigan State University in Business Administration - Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. Her research has been published in top tier Management journals, including Academy of Management and Journal of Applied Psychology. Her current research interests are focused on individual attitudes, emergent team states and processes over time, employee voice, and leadership emergence.


Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Construct validation standards and the team descriptive index: Reply to Dowling," Academy of Management Discoveries, (December 2020) (coauthors: Joel Koopman, John R. Hollenbeck, Linda C Wang, Klodiana Lanaj).

"Token female voice enactment in traditionally male-dominated teams: Facilitating conditions and consequences for performance," Academy of Management Journal, (June 2020) (coauthors: Jo K. Oh, John R. Hollenbeck, Andrew Yu, Stephanie M. Lee, Danielle D. King).

"Social Identification in Multiteam Systems: The Role of Depletion and Task Complexity," Academy of Management Journal, (August 2019) (coauthors: Jeanine P Porck, Fadel K Matta, John R Hollenbeck, Jo K Oh, Klodiana Lanaj).

"Dynamic Leadership Emergence: Differential Impact of Members' and Peers' Contributions in the Idea Generation and Idea Enactment Phases of Innovation Project Teams," Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 104, No. 3, (January 2019), pp. 411-432 (coauthors: Crystal I. C. Farh).

"A dyadic model of motives, pride, gratitude, and helping," Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 29, No. 10, (December 2018), pp. 1367-1382 (coauthors: You Jin Kim, Linn Van Dyne).

"Benefits of transformational leadership for leaders: A daily investigation of transformational behaviors and need fulfillment," Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 101, No. 2, (February 2016), pp. 237-251 (coauthors: Klodiana Lanaj, Russell E Johnson).

"The team descriptive index (TDI): A multidimensional scaling approach for team description," Academy of Management Discoveries, Vol. 1, No. 1, (June 2015), pp. 91-116 (coauthors: Joel Koopman, John R Hollenbeck, Linda C Wang, Klodiana Lanaj).
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