Michael Richards

Director of PhD Program in Health Services Research - Economics
Lecturer - Economics

Contact Information

Fax:  (254) 710-6142
Office Location:  Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation 

Office Hours

FALL 2022
By appointment in person or via ZOOM

Educational Background

  • BS - Biology, Univ Illinois Chicago
  • PHD, Yale University
  • MPH - Public Health, Yale University
  • PHD - Public Health, Yale University
  • MD - Medicine, Univ Illinois Chicago

Work Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University (July 01, 2015 - June 30, 2018)
  • Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania (August 01, 2013 - June 30, 2015)

Awards and Honors

  • Top Ten "Most Shared" article in 2018, Health Affairs (academic journal) (December 2018)
  • Rising Star, faculty award, Baylor University (2018)
  • Top Ten "Most Read" article (Gender Differential in Physician Pay), Health Affairs (2011)

Professional Memberships

  • American Economic Association (January 2014 - Present)
  • American Society of Health Economists (June 2010 - Present)


Michael R. Richards, MD PhD MPH, is an Associate Professor within the Robbins Institute for Health Policy & Leadership as well as the Department of Economics at Baylor University. He joined Baylor after being a member of the Vanderbilt University Department of Health Policy faculty from 2015-2018. His previous academic training included a University of Pennsylvania postdoctoral research position within the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics and Wharton School from 2013-2015. Richards completed his PhD in health economics and health policy at Yale University prior to joining LDI and was awarded his MD and MPH degrees from the University of Illinois immediately preceding his time at Yale.


Basic or Discovery Scholarship

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Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

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Basic or Discovery Scholarship

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