Kathy Hurtt

Associate Professor - Accounting & Business Law

Contact Information

Campus Phone:  (254) 710-4788
Fax:  (254) 710-1067
Mailing Address:  One Bear Place #98002
Waco, TX  76706
Office Location:  Foster Business and Innovation¬†710-3536

Educational Background

  • PHD - Business Administration, University Of Utah
  • MBA - Business Administration, California State University Stanislaus
  • BS - Accounting, Azusa Pacific University

Work Experience

  • Associate Professor, Baylor University (August 2011 - Present)
  • Assistant Professor, Baylor University (May 2004 - August 2011)
  • Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin (June 1999 - May 2004)
  • Director of Internal Audit, University of the Pacific (November 1984 - August 1994)
  • Accountant, KPMG (1982 - 1985)
  • Assitant Controller, Colonial Insurance Company of California (1979 - 1982)


  • Academic, National Futures Association, Chicago, IL (April 2013 - November 20, 2013)
  • Other, Waco Police Department, Waco, TX (January 2007 - November 2008)

Awards and Honors

  • Rachel Hunter Moore Award, Chi Omega (December 9, 2019)
  • Best Paper Award, AIS Educators (June 2006)
  • Oustanding Service Award, American Accounting Association Information Systems Section (August 2005)

Licensures and Certifications

  • Certified Fraud Examiner, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (1989 - Present)
  • Certified Public Accountant, California State Board of Accountancy

Professional Memberships

  • American Accounting Association
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Exercising Professional Skepticism: How to Behave Like a Skeptic," Today's CPA, Vol. 44, No. 3 (Nov./Dec.), (November 2016), pp. 24-29 (coauthors: Charles E. Davis).

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"Backpack to Briefcase: The Transition from Student to Accounting Professional," Advances in Accounting Education, Vol. 12, No. 2011, (September 2011), pp. 33-52 (coauthors: Gia Chevis, Charles E. Davis).

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Ethics Education for CPAs in Texas: Is it Working?," Today's CPA, Vol. 39, No. 1, (July 2011), pp. 32-35 (coauthors: Charles W. Thomas).

"From Ponzi to Madoff - How to Avoid Becoming the Next Victim," Today's CPA, Vol. 38, No. 6, (May 2011), pp. 30 - 35 (coauthors: Paul Giese, Kathleen Simpson).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Development of a scale to measure professional skepticism," Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, Vol. 29, No. 1, (May 2010), pp. 149-171.

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"Introductory AIS Projects," Vol. 4, (September 2009) (coauthors: Sarah Bee, Ronald Daigle, Deb Cosgrove, Ann O'Brien).

"Implementing a Required Ethics Class for Students in Accounting: The Texas Experience," Issues in Accounting Education, Vol. 23, No. No. 1, (February 2008), pp. 31-51 (coauthors: Charles W. Thomas).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"An Examination of Convergent Validity in Internet-Based Experimental Accounting Research," Behavioral Research in Accounting, Vol. 18, (2006), pp. 207-217 (coauthors: Steven E. Kaplan, R. Alexander, A. Blay).

Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"The Lemonade Stand: A Teaching Case for Developing and Information System for the Revenue Process," Accounting Information Systems Educator Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, (2006), pp. 5-10 (coauthors: Stacy Kovar, B. Schafer).

"The War on Fraud: Reducing Cheating in the Classroom," Journal of College Teaching & Learning, Vol. 3, No. 2, (2006), pp. 1-11 (coauthors: S. Bee, D. Hayes).

Presentations and Proceedings

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