1. Set up a Ministry Communication Center” in the narthex where people can pick up the minutes and various update reports on ministries in the church.  Make it easy for anyone and everyone to stay in touch with ministry progress, events, and needs.

2. Hold a CORE (Communication Organization and REality Orientation) fellowship session quarterly:

 A. Ministry leaders and any interested members of the ministry teams and church attend

 B. Hold a half hour pot luck supper followed by a 90 minute dialogue session

 C. Ministry leaders/members discuss their State of the Ministry report encourage one another, and brainstorm about ministry problems, challenges, etc.  Minutes are kept (and distributed in the Ministry Communication Center in the narthex) to keep the church informed.

3. Hold a monthly ministry prayer time at the church to encourage ministry leaders, team members, and church members to pray together.

4. Make ministry prayer request lists available in the narthex.

5. Once or twice a year, devote a portion of the worship service to praising God for what He has been accomplishing in and through the various ministries.


For the period of: ______________________

Name of ministry: _____________________________  Contact person: ___________________

Members of the Outreach Committee
Joyce Anderson: Evangelism coordinator (phone number and mail)
Earle Gibson: Mission Waco liaison and ministry secretary (phone number and mail)
Larry Morris: Caritas liaison (phone number and mail)
Pam Thomas: Ministry leader (phone number and mail)
Ralph Wilson: Special projects coordinator (phone number and mail)

Main Accomplishments of the Ministry During this Time Period

Biggest Problems and Challenges Encountered

Ministry Needs for Next Quarter

Lessons Learned from Experience this Past Quarter

Prayer Requests for the Ministry