Steve Bradley

Faculty Advisor - Student Life Center/Campus Rec
T. Stevens Chair of Free Enterprise - Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation
Professor - Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation

Contact Information

Campus Phone:  (254) 710-3921
Fax:  (254) 710-1093
Mailing Address:  One Bear Place #98011
Waco, TX  76706
Office Location:  Foster Business and Innovation 710-4169

Educational Background

  • MBA - Entrepreneurship, Indiana University Bloomington
  • PHD - Entrepreneurship, Indiana University Bloomington
  • MS - Entrepreneurship, Indiana Univ Bloomington
  • ME - Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&m University College Sta
  • BS - Chemical Engineering, University Of Texas Austin

Work Experience

  • Professor, Baylor University (August 1, 2018 - Present)
  • Advisor, Waco Propane (May 2016 - May 2017)
  • Associate Professor, Baylor University (August 1, 2014 - July 31, 2018)
  • Faculty Director - Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise, Baylor University (June 2013 - December 31, 2018)
  • T. Stevens Chair of Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise, Baylor University (May 1, 2013 - Present)
  • Co Owner, More Than a Teacher Central Texas, LLC (January 2013 - Present)
  • Assistant Professor, Baylor University (January 1, 2008 - July 31, 2014)
  • Lecturer, Baylor University (August 17, 2007 - December 31, 2007)
  • Chief Operating Officer, 1QUEST LEARNING, INC (February 1994 - December 2017)

Awards and Honors

  • Robert & Robin Nitsche Outstanding Research Award (April 2018)
  • The E. M. and Thelma Stevens Chair of Private Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (June 2015)
  • Robert & Robin Nitsche Outstanding Research Award (April 2014)
  • Associate Fellow, Ratio Institute, Stockholm Sweden (August 2013)
  • Visiting Scholar, Ratio Institute - Sweden (June 2012)
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Business Venturing (2010)
  • Young Researcher Award, Hankamer Business School (2010)

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Management
  • National Federation of Independent Business


Steven Bradley is an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship. He received his Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Business Strategy from the Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. Steve has extensive practical experience as an entrepreneur as the founder and manager of numerous businesses in the areas of engineering consulting, real estate, and product development and sales. He has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas, and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. Steve previously worked as an engineer for McDonnell Douglas and Law Engineering and has conducted research for 3M at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland. Steve’s teaching responsibilities are currently in the area of strategic entrepreneurship. He has played an important role in developing program strength in the areas of social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship policy. His work has been published at the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies, and the International Journal of Development. He currently serves on Editorial Boards for the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Venturing and Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.


Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Entrepreneurship and well-being: Past, present, and future," Journal of Business Venturing, Vol. 34, No. 4, (July 2019), pp. 579-588 (coauthors: Boris Nikolaev, Johan Wiklund, Nadav Shir, Maw-Der Foo).

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Teaching and Learning Scholarship

"Discerning Opportunity Types: Implications for Entrepreneurial Action and Entrepreneurship Education," : Emerald Insight, June 2014 (coauthors: Matthew S Wood, Chris Welter, Kendall W. Artz).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

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Presentations and Proceedings

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Social Entrepreneurship, Human Emancipation, and the Dignity of Work," presented at the 17th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference, Bloomington, IN, November 2020 (coauthors: Lowell Busenitz, Maija Renko, David Townsend).

"Reconsidering the Nature and Role of Entrepreneurial Support Organizations," presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2020, Vancouver, ON, December 2019 (coauthors: Brian Bergman, Donald Siegel, Susan Cohen, Ricarda Bouncken, Paige Clayton, Alejandro Amezcua).

"What Students Can Learn about Profits from the Poor - Teaching about Markets and Free Enterprise," presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2020, Vancouver, ON, December 2019 (coauthors: Peter Klein, Siri Terejsen, John Parnell, J. Chris Leach, Stefan K. Sløk-Madsen, Stephen Gohmann, Mike Troilo, Eric Zhou).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Testing Theories of Entrepreneurial Opportunity: An Agent Based Model of Economic Growth," presented at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference 2020, Knoxville, TN, USA, December 2019 (coauthors: Per Bylund).

"Getting More from Less: The Role of Resourcefulness in Entrepreneurship," presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019, Boston, MA, August 2019 (coauthors: Trent Williams, Ted Baker, Gerry George, Violina Rindova, Johan Wiklund, Scott Sonenshein, Wes Sine, Eric Zhou).

"The Emergence of the Maker Movement: Implications for Entrepreneurship," presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019, Boston, MA, August 2019 (coauthors: Russell Browder).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Within and Between Effects of Member Characteristics: Extending Teams Theory to Entrepreneurs in Microcredit Groups," presented at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Knoxville, TN, USA, June 2019 (coauthors: Matthew Grimes, Hana Milanov).
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