ISY 1305 - Introduction to Information Technology & Processing

Spring 2004

Dr. Pati Milligan



New Perspectives bundle: Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Discovering Computers 2004


Information Systems #158





1:00 - 2:00, MWF   3:30 – 5:00 MW          

2:00 -5:00,  TR                         





Exam I, II, III








You will need access to a computer and printer with Microsoft Windows XP, Office XP and a high-speed Internet connection.  If you have dial-up, we STRONGLY recommend you get an account in the Advanced Technology Lab located on the 2nd floor, room 200 of the Cashion Building. 


Class Decorum:


University policy requires attendance at least 75% of scheduled class time. I will take roll each day.  You are expected to attend all classes unless you are ill or there is an emergency.  If your cell phone rings during class I WILL ANSWER IT FOR YOU!

You are expected to remain seated during the entire class period unless there is an emergency.

You are expected to pay attention and not disrupt the students around you.


Course Objectives:


This course introduces the personal computer and the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.  The following software packages are covered from Office XP: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  An overview of computer concepts, hardware/software terminology and how computers are used effectively in business is also covered.  Also included in the course are lectures on the Internet and the development of home pages.  If you are already very familiar with this material and feel you have a mastery of these programs, you may test-out of this class for $220 fee, whereby you only receive credit for the course and not a letter grade.  See Ms. Carolyn Hulme for details on testing out.


Tests, Labs, and Grading Policies:


Three exams count 20% each, lab average 15% and the final will count 25% of your total grade.  The tests will heavily emphasize material learned from the lab exercises. You will be expected to know the information in the texts and from class notes.   If you have any questions concerning a lab or test grade, you need to come by my office within a week of receiving the grade; otherwise, the grade stands.  I will post grades after each exam on Blackboard.  You will only be able to access your grades.   All work turned if after the class period of the assigned date will receive no higher than 70.  No late lab assignments will be accepted after the test dates covering that material.  Any graded tests that are taken out of the classroom will receive an automatic F.  In order to take QBA 2302 or ISY 3305, you must make a C or better in ISY 1305.



Grading Scale:                        A          89.5% or higher                        

                                    B+        87.5% - 89.5%                                                              

                                    B          79.5% - 87.49%                                                

                                    C+        77.5% - 79.49%                                                

                                    C          69.5% - 77.49%                                                

                                    D          59.5% - 69.49%                                                


Academic Dishonesty:                                                                                    


This class is an exercise in higher education and an independent effort is expected from you.  I endorse wholeheartedly the University’s policy on cheating.  These rules have been established to protect the integrity of those pursuing learning in an open and honest manner.  Challenge yourself and live with the results.  Students who violate University rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and dismissal from the University.  Since dishonesty harms the individual, all students, and the integrity of the University, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced.




Computer Facilities:    HCB 200 contains approximately 100 Pentium III computers capable of handling all of your lab projects.  The Garden Level of Moody Library contains computers from which you can access the J drive also.  We purposely DO NOT use computers in the classroom because it has proven to be an inefficient method of learning.

Class Notes:         Blackboard contains the syllabus, notes, and assignments.

                                    or     Students    J drive   Pati Milligan/ ISY 1305



Casey Computer Center Hours:

                                      8:00am  -  Midnight ................ Monday - Thursday

                                      8:00am  -  6:00pm................... Friday

                                    10:00am  -  6:00pm................... Saturday

                                      2:00pm  -  Midnight................. Sunday


Using Casey Computer Center Labs:


Most of you pre-registered for an account with the HSB Advanced Technology Lab when you signed up for the course. If you do not have a computer at your residence with Windows XP, Office XP and an Internet connection, it is essential that you sign up.  You may call the Cashier’s Office in the Robinson Tower at 2311 to apply for an account.  (Athletes will be using the computer lab in the Neil Morris building.)  There is a $25 fee for the lab of which $20 is print credit.  The laser printouts cost 5 cents/page and color printouts are 25 cents.




If you are using the computers in room 200 you can access the P drive, a personal storage area that only you can access.  It contains 15 MB of disk space.

Your Web page may be placed on the Baylor server, if you wish, where you will have 5 MB of space.


Using E-Mail:


You should have your Bear ID already activated to use e-mail.    If for some reason you cannot access your bearmail account, go to the Garden Level of Moody Library with your ID to set up the account.  Make sure and change your password to follow the new ITS guidelines.


Classrooms and Labs:


Please, DO NOT bring any food or drink into the rooms and keep the work areas neat in the labs.

Schedule of Classes - MWF - Spring, 2004


Class Date

Lecture Topic

Assignment Due NEXT Class date

Monday, January 12


Introduction to ISY, Blackboard, J drive, and the lab.

Read Ch. 4 DC text.

Wednesday, January 14


Ch.4 The System Unit

Pg. 4.47 Wheel of Terms use PRINT

SCREEN key and paste results in Word.

Friday, January 16


New and Future processors.

Read notes from Blackboard.

Monday, January 19


Martin Luther King Holiday

Read Ch.5 DC text.

Wednesday, January 21


Ch. 5 Input

Practice Test pg. 5.46 (Print score)
Read Ch.6 DC text.

Friday, January 23


Ch. 6 Output

1 pg. report on a digital camera using the special section as a guide.

Monday, January 26


Ch. 7 Storage

Read Ch. 7 and do the puzzle, pg. 7.41

Wednesday, January 28


Ch. 8 Operating Systems

Read Ch. 8 and do Who want to be a
Computer Genius? pg. 8.40

Friday, January 30


Windows XP

Use Notes from Blackboard or the J drive.

Monday, February 2


Using Windows Explorer

Windows Lab Handout

Wednesday, February 4

Buying a Computer

Read Special Edition Ch. 8

pages 44 – 66.  Print Review off Blackboard.

Friday, February 6


Review for Exam I


Monday, February 9


Exam I

Check all grades on Blackboard.

Wednesday, February 11


Begin Excel.  Auto Sum, Auto Fill, Formulas, Name a sheet

Read Tutorial I in Excel text.

Friday, February 13


Create an Income Statement

In-class project filling in a Pro Forma Worksheet

Monday, February 16


Functions:  PV, FV, PMT, IPMT, DATE,

Use the Amortization Template on Blackboard to fill in a schedule for a car of your choice.

Wednesday, February 18


Functions:  Depreciation, Running Sums, IF,

Complete Case 2 & 3 page 2.32 and 2.33

Friday, February 20


Goal Seek, Statistics

In-class project calculating statistics

Monday, February 23


Formatting Spreadsheets, AutoFormat

Do the Review Assignment in Tutorial 3 pg. 3.41

Wednesday, February 25



Use notes from Blackboard.

Read Tutorial 4

Friday, February 27



Case 2 and 3 pg. 4.44 & 4.45

Monday, March 1


Tutorial 5  Lists , Split Screen, Freeze Panes, Data Form

Read Tutorial 5

Wednesday, March 3


Databases, Conditional Formatting

Case 4 pg. 5.51

Friday, March 5

Tutorial 6 Auditing, Comments, 3-D cell references and Consolidating


Monday, March 8

Protecting Sheets, using Multiple Sheets

Case 4 page 6.41

Wednesday, March 10



Friday, March 12

Exam II

Check all grades on Blackboard.

Saturday, March 13 through

Sunday, March 21


Spring Break


Monday, March 22


Using Templates & Wizards in Word

Read Tutorial 1 in Word

Do Review Assignment for Practice

Wednesday, March 24


Formatting on 3 levels.

Read Tutorial 2 in Word

Do Review Assignment for  Practice

Friday, March 26

Tables & Columns


Case 1 page. 3.35

Read Tutorial 3

Monday, March 29


Desktop Publishing, Section Breaks, Clipart, WordArt

Read Tutorial 4,

Case 4 page 4.38

Wednesday, March 31


Styles, Outlines, Table of Contents

Read Tutorial 5.

Case 3, page 5.50

Friday, April 2


Discuss Mail Merge.

Begin HTML

Start your Home Page

Monday, April 5

Using FTP


Wednesday, April 7

Exam III

Check all grades on Blackboard.

Friday, April 9 through

Monday, April 12

Easter Holiday


Wednesday, April 14


Making Effective Presentations using PowerPoint

Read Tutorial 1 in PowerPoint.

Friday, April 16


Using Auto Content Wizard,

Master Slides, Summary Slide

Do Review Assignment page 2.33 PPT text.

Monday, April 19

Animating, Linking, Embedding, Pack n Go, Automating

Do Review Assignment page 4.34 PPT text.

Wednesday, April 21

Ch. 2 DC TEXT, The Internet

Take the practice test, turn in Score.


Friday, April 23

Ch. 9  Communications & Networks

Know the TERMS!

Monday, April 26


Ch. 11 Security

Be able to list 3 ways to protect your computer.

Wednesday, April 28


Ethics and Society.

Write a paragraph on how you feel about downloading copyrighted material.

Friday, April 30


Review Part I


Monday, May 3


Review Part II


Final Exams


12 MWF



Friday, May 7, 9:00 a.m.

Monday, May 10, 2:00 p.m.

Monday, May 10, 4:30 p.m.