Jason Saving

Lecturer Part-Time - Economics

Contact Information

Mailing Address:  3107 Oak Creek Dr Ste 240
Austin, TX  78727

Work Experience

  • Senior Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis (2005 - Present)
  • Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (1996 - Present)


Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship

"Texas Health Coverage Lags and Medicaid Expands in U.S.," (4th Quarter 2015).

Basic or Discovery Scholarship

"Are Income Tax Rates Destined to Rise? The Fiscal Imbalance and Future Tax Policy," National Tax Journal, (2015).

"The Increasingly Media Fragmented and Opinionated American Voter," Social Science Quarterly, (2015).

"Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff," Economics Letters, (December 2012).

"Stimulating Out Way to Prosperity," Economic Letter, (December 2012).

"An Economic Perspective on Mexico-U.S. Immigration Policy," , Tucson, AZ, 2012 (coauthors: Pia Orrenius).

"Determining Creditworthiness and Texas' Case for a Top Credit Rating," No. 4, (2012).

"Federal Health Care Law Promises Coverage for All, but At a Price," Economic Letter, (March 2011).

"Consumer Sovereignty in Modern Times," , Toronto: Emond Montgomery, 2011.

"States Still Feel Recession's Effects Two Years After Downturn's End," No. 4, (2011).

"What Drives Regional Growth, and What are the Implications for Texas?," No. 1, (2009).

"The Political Economy of the Mutual Fund Revolution," Economic Inquiry, Vol. 46, (July 2008), pp. 454-479.

"Will New Business Tax Dull Texas' Competitive Edge?," (April 2008).

"Inequality and Economic Growth: Challenges to the Old Orthodoxy," Economics Letters, (2008).
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