Data Sources for Texas Economy

Texas Economic Indicators  (More than 2 dozen measures of Texas economic performance)

Data Sources for Waco MSA and Other U.S. and Texas Metro Areas

Census Demographic Data by Place:

Census Output for Places in Metro Areas

Labor Market Information:

Texas Labor Statistics Searchpage

Consumer Demand:

Local Sales Tax Allocations  (monthly allocation for local jurisdictions)

All Industry Sales by Quarter (Quarterly sales for all Texas Metro Areas (MSAs))

Retail Sales by Quarter (Quarterly sales for MSA Retailers)

Housing Demand:

Census data on Building Permits by U.S. Cities

Waco MLS Single Family Housing Sales

Waco Single Family Building Permits

Waco Multifamily Building Permits

Consumer Price Index Information from BLS

Components and Geographic CPI information

Industry Targeting

        Using Socrates