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In the fall of 2017, I taught Survey of Economic Principles and co-taught an interdisciplinary course entitled Water, River, and Community: Healthy River, Healthy Community. During the spring 2018 semester, I will teach course in Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and Environmental Economics. A full list of courses that I have taught follows:


         Survey of Economic Principles (one semester survey course for non-majors)

         Principles of Microeconomics (standard and honors)

         Principles of Macroeconomics

         Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

         International Trade Theory

         Environmental Economics

         Economic Development

         Industrial Organization

         Economics and Globalization

         Economic Reasoning & Analysis

         Readings in Behavioral Economics


If you would like more information on any one of these courses, please contact me by email (Tisha_Nakao@baylor.edu).



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Updated January 2018