Early Neoclassical Economists

Johann Heinrich von Thünen,  1780-1850

The Isolated State, 1826, 1850, and 1867

Location and marginal productivity theories (variable proportions)

Antoine Augustin Cournot, 1801-1877

Recherches sur les principes mathématiques de la théorie des richesses, 1838

Monopoly and oligopoly theories.

William Stanley Jevons, 1835-1882

Theory of Political Economy , 1871.

Equimarginal principle and labor supply.

Léon Walras, 1834-1910

Elements of Pure Economics, 1874

General equilibrium theory and market stability analysis.

Francis Ysidro Edgeworth, 1845-1926

Mathematical Psychics: An essay on the application of mathematics to the moral sciences, 1881

Indifference curves; box diagram.

Alfred Marshall, 1842-1924

Principles of Economics: an introductory text, 1890

Industry and Trade, 1919

Period analysis, integration of supply and demand.

Vilfredo Pareto, 1848-1923

Manual of Political Economy, 1906

Welfare economics, optimality, compensation principle.