Dr. James A. Roberts
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Bull's-Eye Marketing



Dr. Roberts is the owner of Roberts and Associates Bull’s-Eye Marketing and has been active as a consultant to various businesses on marketing related issues. Much of his consulting involves conducting marketing research to provide businesses with the information they need to be more successful - particular areas or research expertise include all forms of survey research (internet, mail, phone, e-mail, etc.) and focus groups. He also creates ads and assesses the effectiveness of current advertising for many of his clients. As of late, a primary focus has been on helping small and not-so-small businesses develop strategic marketing plans and creative and cost effective approaches to marketing. Dr. Roberts can help your company answer its most important questions about its customers, competition, competitive environment, or marketing plan. He will help you remove the roadblocks that have kept your company from achieving its goals. Dr. Roberts is currently a part-owner of an Internet training company, and has worked in banking, as a stockbroker, as a sales representative for a high-tech company, and in sales and management in the retail arena.