Dorothy Elliot Leidner, Ph.D.

   Ferguson Professor of Information Systems
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798
Phone: 254-710-3493
Fax: 254-710-2258

   Doctor of Philosophy, Information Systems, May 1992
The University of Texas at Austin
                    Dissertation: Executive Information Systems: Their Impact on Executive
                    Decision Making" May, 1992

Master of Business Administration, December 1988
Concentration in Information Systems Management
The University of Texas at Austin
                    Strategy Paper: The Competitive Use of Information Technology in the
                    Healthcare Industry

Bachelor of Arts in Plan II (an honors liberal arts program), May 1986
The University of Texas at Austin
                    Thesis: A Comparative Analysis of the Puritan Movements in England
                    and the American Colonies

   Research Interests
   Virtual Teams, Virtual Management, Virtual Organizations
Knowledge Management Systems
CIO Succession
Electronic Classrooms and Learning

   Teaching Interests
   Knowledge Management
Global IS Management

   Refereed Journal Publications
   "The Role of an Enterprise 2.0 System in Integrating Generation Y IT New Hires into the Workforce,"
                    forthcoming in the MIS Quarterly Executive (with H. Koch and E. Gonzalez)

"Examining the Strategic Alignment and Implementation Success of a KMS: A Subculture-Based Multilevel Analysis,"
                    forthcoming in the Information Systems Research (with M.N. Ravishankar and S. Pan)

"Globalization, Culture and Information: Towards Global Knowledge Transparency,"
                    Journal of Strategic Information Systems 19(2), 2010, pp. 69-77.

"An Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Organizational IT Innovation in Hospitals,"
                    Journal of Strategic Information Systems September, 2010 (with D. Preston and D. Chen)

"The Role of IT in Crisis Response: Lessons from the SARS and Asian Tsunami Disasters,"
                    Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 18(2), 2009, pp. 80-99 (with G. Pan and S.L. Pan)

                    * Honorable Mention, JSIS Best Paper Award for 2009

"A Model of Conflict, Leadership, and Performance in Virtual Teams,"
                    Information Systems Research, December 19(4), 2008 (with R. Wakefield and G. Garrison)

"Examining the Antecedents and Consequences of CIO Decision Making Authority,"
                    Decision Sciences, November 39(4), 2008, pp. 605-642 (with D. Preston and D. Chen)

                    *Finalist, Decision Sciences Journal Article Paper Award 2008

"CIO Leadership Profiles: Implications of Matching CIO Authority and Leadership
                    Capability on IT Impact," MIS Quarterly Executive, 7(2), 2008, pp. 57-69 (with D. Preston and D. Chen)

"How Incoming CIOs Transition into Their New Jobs," MIS Quarterly Executive,
                    March 2007, pp. 17-28 (with J.M. McKay)

                    *Selected by the 2008 Senior Scholars Best Publication Committee as one of the
                    five winners of the Best Information Systems Papers published in 2007 Award.

"Bringing IT Back: An Analysis of the Decision to Backsource or Switch Vendors,"
                    Decision Sciences, November 2006, pp. 605-621 (with D. Whitten)

"The Ongoing Challenges of Knowledge Management Initiatives," Cutter Benchmark
, March 6(3), 2006, pp. 5-11.

"A Review of Culture in Information Systems Research: Towards a Theory of IT-Culture
                    Conflict," MIS Quarterly, June 2006, pp. 357-399 (with T. Kayworth)

                    *Cited by over 150 (

"An Empirical Examination of the Influence of Organizational Culture on Knowledge
                    Management Practices" Journal of Management Information Systems, 22(3),
                    2005-2006, pp. 191-224 (with M. Alavi and T. Kayworth)

                    *Cited by over 90 (

"The role of culture in knowledge management:
                    a case study of two global firms," The International Journal of Electronic
2(1), 2006, pp. 17-40 (with M. Alavi and T. Kayworth)

"How CIOs Manage IT During Economic Decline: Surviving and Thriving Amid
                    Uncertainty," MIS Quarterly Executive, March 2003, pp. 1-14 (with Robert C. Beatty,
                     and Jane M. Mackay)

                    ** In May 2005, voted one of the top ten best articles ever published in MIS
                    Quarterly Executive.

"Bridging Communities of Practice with Information Technology in Pursuit of Global
                    Knowledge Sharing," Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Vol. 12, 2003, pp. 71-88 (with S. L. Pam)

                    *Cited by over 120 (

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Winter 2002, pp. 7-40 (with T. Kayworth)

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                    Foundation and An Agenda for Research," MIS Quarterly, March 2001, pp. 107-136 (with M. Alavi)

                    **Cited by over 2700 (
                    **2th most cited MISQ article (as of January 2010 using

"Technology-Mediated Learning: A Call for Greater Depth and Breadth of Research,"
                    Information Systems Research, March 2001, pp. 1-10 (with M. Alavi)

                    *Cited by over 300 (

"Managing Global Virtual Teams: A Prescription for Success," European Management
                    Journal, April 2000, pp. 183-193 (with T. Kayworth)

                    * Cited by over 150 (
                    **Reprinted in Cross-Cultural Management ed. Gordon Redding and Bruce
                    Stening, Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd., 2002.

"Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams," Organization Science,
                    Winter 1999, pp. 791-815 (with S. Jarvenpaa)

                    * Cited by over 1600 (
                    ** Winner, Best Published Paper Award, Academy of Management OCIS
                    Division, Academy of Management Meeting in Toronto, August 2000.
                    ***Profiled in Harvard Business Review, May-June 1998, pp. 20-21

                    (The above article has also appeared in the Journal of Computer-Mediated
in a joint issue with Organization Science.

"Mexican and Swedish Managers'Perceptions on the Impact of EIS on Organizational
                    Intelligence, Decision Making, and Structure," Decision Sciences, Summer 1999,
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                    of Strategic Information Systems,
March 1999, pp. 105-118.

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                    Benefits," Communications of the AIS, February 1999 (with M. Alavi)

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                    ** Winner of MIS Quarterly Best Paper Award for 1995**

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Vol. 14, 1995, pp. 89-103 (with J. J. Elam)

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   Refereed Book Chapters
   "Virtual Learning Systems," Encyclopedia of Information Systems, Volume 4, 2003,
                    pp. 561-572 (with M. Alavi)

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                    Management (ed. C.W. Holsapple), Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2003, pp. 235-252
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                    Changing Context, (eds. Miguel Pina e Cunha and Carlos Alves Marques),
                    (Portugal: ISPA), 1999, pp. 211-240.

   Refereed Conference Publications
   "An Empirical Investigation of IS Strategy and IS Performance,"Proceedings of the
                    Thirty First International Conference on Information systems (ICIS)
, St. Louis, M.O.,
                    December 2010 (with J. Lo and E. Gonzalez)

"The Nature and Influence of Conflict in the Virtual Team,"Proceedings of the America's
                    Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)
, Acapulco, Mexico,
                    August 2006 (with R. Wakefield)

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                     Accounting Association (AAA) Annual Conference
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                    August 2006 (with R. Wakefield and S. Pan)

"Knowledge Management Systems: Emerging Views and Practices from the Field,"
                    Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences,
                    1999 (with M. Alavi)

                    ** Runner-up, Best Paper Award for the Decision Support System Track

"Appraising Executive Support Systems: A Competing Values Approach," Proceedings
                    of the 5th European Conference on the Evaluation of Information
, November 1998 (with S. Carlsson)

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                    Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Hawaii International Conference on
                    System Sciences
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                    **Winner: Best Paper Award for the Decision Support System Track**

"Executive Information Systems' Use in Management Activities," Proceedings,
                    Twenty-Fourth Annual DSI Conference
, 1993, pp. 7-10.


Articles currently under review


"Developing Capabilities in Response to Rare Events: Lessons from SARS and Asian
Tsunami Disasters" with Gary Pan and Shan Pan. Under fourth round review at
Organization Science.




Strategic Information Management, 3rd edition, Oxford (Butterworth Heinemann),
2003 (co-author Bob Galliers).
Strategic Information Systems, 2nd edition (edited by Bob Galliers, Dorothy Leidner,
and Bernadette Baker), London: McGraw-Hill, July 1999.
Information Technology Management: Transforming Organizations in a Digital
, 2005 (Turban, Leidner, McLean, and Wetherbe), Wiley publishers.




Leidner, Dorothy: e-Government at San Bernadino County, Southern Methodist
University, 2000.

Armstrong, Marci and Leidner, Dorothy: e-Business at Northwestern University,
Southern Methodist University, 2000.

Leidner, Dorothy E., "Corporate Intranet at Groupe Schneider: Managing Dispersed
Intranet Development" INSEAD case, 1998.

Leidner, Dorothy E., "Small Electronic Commerce Giants: The Case of TCIS," INSEAD
case, 1998.




Baylor University, Fergusson Professor of Information Systems
                    Waco, Texas
                    Summer 2002 to present
                    Also: Fall, 1992-1996
                    Teach Graduate IT electives and undergraduate IT core (IS and Statistics)
                    Director, Knowledge Management Center

The University of Mannheim, Germany
                    Summers, beginning 2005 to present
                     Teach a graduate elective in Global Information Management
                    Teach a PhD seminar on varying topics (different each summer)

INSEAD, Associate Professor
                    Fontainebleau, FRANCE
                    Fall 1997-2001
                    Taught three MBA electives: (1) Electronic Commerce, (2) IT Strategy,
                    and (3) the Management of Information Systems.
                    Taught Executive seminars: (1) Electronic Commerce, (2) Virtual
                    Leadership, and (3) Knowledge Management.

ITESM (Instituto Tecnolgico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey), Visiting
                    Monterrey, Mexico
                    Summer 1994.
                    Taught a graduate business course in international information systems with a
                    focus on cultural differences between American and Mexican organizations.

Southern Methodist University, Visiting Associate Professor
                    Dallas, Texas
                    Fall 1999-Spring 2000
                    Taught MBA elective in Ecommerce. Developed material for a week long
                    ecommerce seminar for Nortel Networks.

Texas Christian University, Associate Professor
                    Ft Worth, Texas
                    Spring 2001 through Spring 2002
                    Taught MBA IT Core Course

L'Universite de Caen, Visiting Professor
                    Caen, France
                    November 1994. April 1996. May 1997.
                    Taught a graduate business course in intercultural communication with a
                    focus on the impact of cultural differences on business communication.

The University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Instructor
                    Austin, Texas
                    Fall 1991-Spring 1992
                    Taught Introduction to Statistics for Business to undergraduate students

The University of Texas at Austin, Research/Teaching Assistant
                    Austin, Texas
                    Fall 1987-Spring 1990
                    Assistant for Statistics, Management Science, and Information Systems courses




IS Paper of the Year, Senior Scholars of the Association of Informations, 2008
DSJ Best Paper Award Finalist, Decision Sciences Journal, 2008
Distinguished Professor Award, Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University, 2007
Outstanding Professor, Baylor University, 2006-2007
Best Published Paper Award, Academy of Management, 2000.
Best Paper Award, MIS Quarterly, Volume 1995
Best Paper Award for DSS/Knowledge-Based Systems Track at the Hawaii
                    International Conference on System Sciences, 1993.
Best Paper Award Runner-Up, DSS/Knowledge-Based Systems Track at the
                    Hawaii International Conference on System Science, 1999
Young Researcher Award, Hankamer School of Business, 1996
Young Outstanding Researcher Award, Baylor University, Baylor
                    University, 1994

Professional Activities

* Co-Editor in Chief, Database for Advances in Information Systems
                    (January 2001-December 2006)

* Senior Editor, MIS Quarterly, present(January 2006 to December 2009)
* Senior Editor (of Case Studies), Journal of Strategic Information Systems. 2000-2005

* Associate Editor (2002-2005), MIS Quarterly
* Associate Editor (2005-current), Decision Sciences Journal
* Associate Editor (2000-current), Decision Support Systems

* Editorial Board, MISQ Executive, International Journal of Knowledge Management,
                    International Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases

* Conference Chair, Big XII Plus MIS Research Symposium, April 1-2, 2006

* Guest Editor of the Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Special Issue on
                    Knowledge Management Systems, Volume 9, Issue 2-3, 2000.

* Association of Information Systems Conference Americas Conference
                    Co-Chair, Junior Faculty MIS Camp, 2002
                    Co-Chair, Doctoral Consortium, 2004
                    Faculty, Doctoral Consortium, 2005
                    Program Co-Chair, 2010

* International Conference on Information Systems
                    Associate Editor (1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009)
                    Junior Faculty Workshop Chair, 1998
                    Doctoral Consortium Faculty, 2007
                    Junior Faculty Workshop Co-Chair, 2008
                    Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair, 2010 Proposal
                    Track Co-Chair, 2010

* European Conference on Information Systems, Aix-en-Provence:
                    Faculty Participant for the Doctoral Consortium, 1998.
                    Moderator: Panel on Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture, Panel Chair 2000.

* Press Citations
                    Information Strategy (Monthly publication of the Financial Times):
                    February, 1998
                    Information Strategy: March, 1998
                    Harvard Business Review, May-June, 1998

* Secretary, SIGMIS (special interest group-MIS of the Association of Computing



Second Languages


French (fluent), German (social proficiency)

   Sports (tennis, swimming, golf), Coaching (two girls' youth soccer teams), Piano