Hankamer School of Business


Spring, 1996

Instructor: Charles J. Delaney, Ph.D.

Office: HSB 316.18. Phone: 755-2263 ext. 6140

Office Hours: MWF (9:00-10:00 & Noon-2:00) and by appointment

Text: Modern Real Estate, (5th ed.)

Wurtzebach & Miles, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Exam 1


1. There will be three midterm exams and the final exam, given as scheduled. The final exam is required of all students and will be cumulative. Exams will be a combination of objective questions (true/false and multiple choice) and problems. Lectures, homework, and reading will be covered on the exams.

2. Your grade will be based on the highest two midterm exams and the final. Each exam will be weighted equally--thirty (30) percent. The third exam may be considered as a make-up exam for any exam missed during the term. No other make-up exams will be given. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR MISSING THE FINAL EXAM OR MORE THAN ONE MIDTERM EXAM! Class participation is expected and will be weighted ten (10) percent in the calculation of your final grade. You will need a Scantron answer form, a #2 pencil, and a calculator for each exam.

3. As noted in the 1995-1996 Baylor University student handbook, page 77, every student is required to attend class as scheduled. A student who misses more than 25% of the class meetings of a course automatically fails. Any student who misses 11 or more of the scheduled class sessions will automatically receive a grade of "F" or "WF" in the course. This grade will be final unless you can show cause, before the Attendance Policy Committee, why an exception should be made.

4. Class will start promptly on the hour. You are expected to be punctual. Persons arriving late to class more than once will be counted as absent.

5. Dean Scott requests that no food, drink, or tobacco products be brought into any classroom in the College of Business. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Week of Topic Chapters

Week 1 Introduction and Overview
Real Estate & Real Estate Markets 1,2,4

Rights & Interests in Land
Ownership Forms

Week 2 Transfer of Property Rights 5
Deeds, Abstracts, Title Insurance & Recording
Legal Descriptions of Property

Week 3 Week 2 material continued

Week 4 Real Estate Brokerage, Marketing 9&10
Listing Contracts & Agency Theory

Week 5 Sale Contracts 5 (154-162

Week 6 Mortgage, Deed of Trust & Promissory Note 15 (438-454)

Week 7 Closing a Real Estate Deal 10A

Week 8 Lease Contracts Guest Lecture

Federal Fair Housing Laws 27

Property Taxation 17 (508-512)

Week 9 Real Estate Appraisal 6,7,8 (thru 226)

Week 10 Week 9 material continued

Week 11 Taxation Remainder of 17 & 18

Week 12 Investment Analysis 20 & 21

Week 13 Investment Analysis (continued)

Week 14 Real Estate Finance 13 & 16
15 (454-472)

Week 15 Real Estate Finance (continued)

EXAM I Friday, February 2.
EXAM II Friday, March 1.
EXAM III Wednesday, Apr. 3.
FINAL EXAM. See Fall Semester Schedule of Classses.

Exam schedule is subject to change depending on the progress of the class.