Minutes of 2001 ABO Annual Meeting

August 13, 2001
Atlanta, GA

Jane Kennedy presided. Minutes were recorded by Elaine Sanders.


  1. John Rigsby moved to approve the minutes of the October 7, 2000 business meeting. Motion passed.
  2. The budget review, prepared by Stacey Whitecotton, was presented. The ending cash balance through July 2001 was $39,854.
  3. Sue Haka prepared the publication report for Behavioral Research in Acocunting. For the 2000-01 year, 40 manuscripts were submitted, 1 manuscript was accepted, 25 manuscripts were rejected, and 14 manuscripts remain in progress.
  4. Rich Houston presented the Outstanding Dissertation Award to Wendy Bailey of University of California - Riverside. Jake Birnberg chaired her dissertation.
  5. Information has been posted on the ABO website on the Quality of Earnings Initiative (Laureen Maines).
  6. The 2001 ABO Conference is being chaired by Ralph Greenburg. The conference will be held on October 12 and 13 in St. Louis at the Hyatt Regency at Union Station. The conference will include a journal editor panel.
  7. The 2002 ABO conference will be chaired by Marlys Lipe.
  8. Linda Thorn brought forth the issue of having a dedicated journal for the ABO Conference. Financial and publication issues were briefly discussed.
  9. Newly elected officers, Chair Elect Joe Fisher and Secretary-Treasurer Elect Elaine Sanders, were announced.
  10. Jane Kennedy called for regional reports. There were no responses.
  11. Jane Kennedy called for other business. No other business was brought forth.
  12. Jane Kennedy thanked the section for their participation and support during her Presidency.
  13. Charles Davis, Incoming President, thanked Jane Kennedy for her leadership over the past year and presented her with a commemorative plaque.
  14. John Rigsby moved to adjourn. Motion passed.