Minutes of the 1993 ABO Annual Business Meeting

San Francisco, CA
August 9, 1993

  1. The meeting was called to order. About 50 members attended. Paul Munter reported on the healthy membership situation.
  2. Larry Ponemon presented the financial report including the financial statements. He then passed out the minutes of the November 7, 1992, Executive Meeting in Dallas.
  3. Paul Munter presented a plaque to Ken Ferris who retired from the BRIA editorship.
  4. Jake Birnberg talked about the editorial focus of BRIA for the future.
  5. Seleshi Sisaye reported on the selections committee and presented the ABO best dissertation award to Jane Kennedy and a plaque to Robert Ashton for supervising.
  6. Gail Wright reported on the progress of the ABO Research Conference planned for March 11-12, 1994, in San Antonio.
  7. Norman Macintosh and David Otley reported on the plans for a 1995 joint EMCSG and ABO conference in England.
  8. Gary Mann reported on the 1993 AAA conference. Fifty good papers were submitted and 15 were selected for 5 sessions, the most of any sections in AAA. This was an increase from three last year.
  9. Kay Means reported on the regional activities including the development of a regional coordinators role and handbook.
  10. Dennis Bline reported on the new Membership Directory. Members are requested to include their teaching and research interests. He passed out copies to those in attendance.
  11. Philip Siegel reported on the ABO Newsletter.
  12. Philip Siegel reported on the Working Paper Series.
  13. Norman Macintosh reported on the country liaison officers meeting in Finland in April. Sixteen officers are currently appointed.
  14. Paul Munter reported on his experience as ABO chair. He was particularly thankful for the support for the section, given the personal problems he experienced with the hurricane, not the least of which was having his house destroyed.
  15. Don Finn took over the chair and presented a plaque to Paul Munter. He also announced the Executive Meeting for October 16 in San Antonio.
  16. Larry Ponemon presented an award to Don Finn for outstanding efforts as vice-chair.
  17. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


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