Working Paper Series

Winter 1995


Arnold, Vicky (Arizona State University -- West) and Jeffrey Palko, "An Examination of Cue Usage in a Going-Concern Decision Task."

Arnold, Vicky (Arizona State University -- West), Stephen C. Hayne, C.A.P. Smith, and Steve G. Sutton, "An Investigation on the Effect of Computerized Support Systems on Group Decision Making Under Time Pressure."

Asare, S. and Arnold Wright (Boston College), "Multiple-Hypothesis Evaluation in Auditing."

Asare, S. and Arnold Wright (Boston College), "Multiple-Hypothesis Evaluation of Professional Auditors: Normative and Substantive Skills."

Brozovsky, John (Virginia Tech), "Some Implications of Homogenizing Restrictions on the Audit Profession: An Experimental Study."

Carnes, Gregory and Andrew D. Cuccia (Louisiana State University Working Paper 94-06), "An Analysis of the Effect of Tax Complexity and Its Perceived Justification on Equity Judgments."

Coates, J.D., Aileen Smith, and Don R. Deis (Louisiana State University Working Paper 94-21), "Attitudes Toward Ethical Dilemmas: A Gender-Specific Differential Test."

Copp, Cindy and Andrew D. Cuccia (Louisiana State University Working Paper 94-04), "The Effects of Tax Report Timing on the Framing of Reported Decisions."

DiPetro, Janice D., Theodore J. Mock, and Arnold Wright, "An Investigation of Adaptability in Evidential Planning" (USC Working Paper 94-5).

Einathan, Dan, Thomas W. Lin, and S. Mark Young, "Benchmarking and Management Accounting: A Framework for Research (USC Working Paper 94-11).

Hirst, E. and Lisa Koonce (University of Texas -- Austin), "Audit Analytical Procedures: A Field Investigation."

Hughes, Patricia J. and Robert H. Trezevant, "The Capital Structure and LIFO/FIFO Choices: Cash-Flow Signaling or Tax-Shield Substitution" (USC Working Paper 94-4).

King, Ian (University of Essex), "Competence in Decision Making."

Kinney, Michael and Robert H. Trezevant, "Earnings Management Using Nonrecurring Items" (USC Working Paper 94-3).

Krishnamoorthy, Ganesh (Boston College), "A Multi-Stage Approach to External Auditor's Evaluation of Internal Audit Function."

Lord, Alan T. (University of Alabama), "The Effects of Selected Contextual Factors on Judgments of Partners in Local CPA Firms."

Lord, Alan T. (University of Alabama), "The Importance of Organizational and Environmental Pressures on External Auditors' Judgments and Decision Behavior."

Manson, Stuart (University of Essex), Sean McCarthy, and Michael Sherer, "Is This a Private Party or Can Anyone Come? An Exploration of the Role of the Management Letter in Auditor-Management Relationships."

Palmrose, Zoe-Vonna and Joseph Carcello, "An Empirical Investigation of Modified Reporting and Auditor Litigation on Bankrupt Clients" (USC Working Paper 94-7).

Ruhl, Jack and Ram S. Sriram (Louisiana State University Working Paper 94-07), "Initial Attributions for Failure to Meet a Goal: The Effects of Outcome Severity and Participation in Goal Setting."

Smith, Aileen, Gilda Agacer, and Don R. Deis (Louisiana State University Working Paper 94-20), The Link Between Culture and Professionalism: A Cross-Cultural Examination."

Smith, C.A.P., Vicky Arnold (Arizona State University -- West), and Steve G. Sutton, "The Impact of Time Pressure on Decision-Making for Choice and Judgment Tasks: Implications for Audit Planning."

Sriram, Ram S. (Louisiana State University Working Paper 94-11), "Alternative Knowledge Representation Technique for Expert System Development in Auditing."

Wright, Arnold (Boston College) and S. Wright, "An Examination of Factors Affecting the Decision to Waive Audit Judgments."

Wright, Arnold (Boston College) and S. Wright, "The Relationship Between Assessments of Internal Control Strength and Error Incidence, Detection, and Cause."

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