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Ron Davidson, Arizona State University West (
Membership Coordinator

The ABO Section presently has 1,163 regular members plus 176 student members for a total membership of 1,339. A total of 48 countries are represented, with 966 members from the U.S. and 373 from other countries. For comparative purposes, in October 1997 there were 1,311 total members.

The largest numbers from other countries are 64 from Canada, 53 from Australia, 48 from Japan, 28 from South Korea, 16 from the Netherlands and UK, 13 from Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia, 11 from Singapore and Taiwan, and 10 from France.

All 50 U.S. states and DC are also represented, with 64 from Texas, 47 from New York, 43 from California, 42 from Florida and Massachusetts, 39 from Ohio, 38 from Pennsylvania, and 37 from Illinois.

We are considering the creation of a directory of research interests of all ABO Section members and are discussing with AAA staff how this might be implemented. A web-based listing would be readily available to all members, but we are concerned about making a list of members with their email addresses available to web surfers. We do not want to end up receiving more unwanted Spam messages. Your comments and feedback on this problem would be appreciated. Email me with your suggestions.

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