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1999 ABO Research Conference
October 8-9, 1999

The Accounting, Behavior and Organizations section of the American Accounting Association invites you to participate in the 1999 ABO Research Conference. The Conference will be held Friday and Saturday, October 8 and 9, 1999 in an attractive location in the Greater Los Angeles area. Papers in all areas of behavioral accounting will be considered, and diverse methodologies are encouraged. The submission deadline is March 31, 1999.

Aside from the presentation and discussion of papers, the conference aims to present some overviews of recent developments in the field, as well as to encourage an open exchange of experiences and views. Towards this end, a number of plenary and special sessions will be arranged.

Final registration details will be available later in the year in the Accounting Education News and on the AAA and ABO web sites. Addresses are and

Submission Guidelines

  1. The paper must be complete. The submission should include the abstract and supporting documents, e.g., questionnaires and experimental instruments.
  2. Papers should not have been published by the conference date.
  3. Submitted papers should follow the format guidelines of the journal of the author's choice.
  4. The cover page should include the following information: Full names of authors, positions and affiliations, complete address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  5. Four copies of the paper and a stamped self-addressed postcard with the title of the paper on it should be sent to: Professor Chee Chow School of Accountancy San Diego State University San Diego, CA 92182-8221
  6. A submission fee of $50, payable to AAA/ABO, must be included.
  7. Submission to the conference does not constitute submission to Behavioral Research in Accounting or any other journal. Authors are completely free to submit their papers to any journal of their choice.
  8. Notification of paper selection for the conference will be made no later than May 15.
  9. Please indicate in the submission letter whether you are interested in presenting the paper in a research forum setting or only in a concurrent session.

Special Session: Bring an Issue

Do you have concerns about behavioral accounting research that you believe should be brought forward for general discussion? Is it becoming more difficult to find appropriate subjects for experiments? Are there ethics-related confidentiality problems researchers should be aware of in conducting behavioral studies in the field? Can experiments conducted on the Internet be adequately controlled?

If you would like to share your concern(s) actively in this special session, please submit a one-page description of your concern(s) (three copies, no submission fee) to Chee Chow by March 31, 1999. A number of these issues will be selected for brief presentations at the conference, with the intention of stimulating discussion and exchange of potential solutions to problems facing behavioral researchers today.

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