Submitted by Alan Lord

Bowling Green State University

As the program committee chairman for the section for the 1995 AAA national meetings, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the sections responsible for five concurrent sessions and one panel discussion at the AAA national meetings in Orlando, Florida. There were 49 papers submitted to the section. We had submissions from authors in the United States, Australia, Canada, Holland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. One of the papers was forwarded to another section for review and our section members provided reviews for the remainder. Of the 48 reviewed papers, 21 were rejected, 15 papers were presented at the ABO sponsored concurrent sessions, one paper was presented in a concurrent session addressing experimental economics issues, and 11 papers were presented within the research forum. The authors of these papers were employed by 70 universities.

We received review assistance from 83 members representing 65 different institutions. In addition to the United States, we had reviewers from Australia, Canada and France. The reviewers provided 109 reviews, and every submitted paper received at least two external blind reviews. No member was asked to review more than two papers.

We had many fine papers submitted by our section members and this was demonstrated by the fact that 57 percent (27 of 48) of the papers were accepted for either the concurrent sessions or the forum. This year, I made an effort to invite doctoral candidates, or faculty members that had recently completed their doctoral programs, to serve as discussants or moderators for our sessions. It is my thought that these efforts will encourage new faculty members to become more active in our sections activities. I hope that you found the papers and sessions presented at the meetings to be interesting. Once again, let me thank all of the authors, reviewers, discussants and moderators for their contributions to making the program a success.

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