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Call For Working Papers

The ABO Working Paper Series will be included in the next issue of the newsletter. If you have working papers in the behavioral area that you would like to share with other ABO members, then please e-mail the following information to me:

  1. The author(s).
  2. The school(s).
  3. The title of the paper(s).
  4. The e-mail address for one of the authors.

You do not have to send a copy of the working paper to me. Interested parties will contact you directly. To illustrate the information that I need:

Dilla, W. (Iowa State University) and D. Stone (University at Urbana- Champaign). The Effects of Task-Specific Structure on Inherent Risk Judgment Consensus.

I would like to express my appreciation to the many researchers who have sent in working papers in the past, and encourage them and others to send in their working papers to me by October 15, 1999. Thanks a lot for you interest and cooperation!

John T. Rigsby
Mississippi State University

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