Letter from the Editor

Congratulations to Larry Ponemon who has served as the Chair of the ABO section this past year. During Larry's administration the section has identified and addressed numerous issues facing our profession. The section is also planning its second research conference in the United States "Ethics and Behavior in Accounting" which will be held in Orlando, Florida prior to the 1995 AAA Annual Meeting on August 11-12. The registration form for the conference is included in this newsletter.

I look forward to working with Norm Macintosh, our incoming chair. I will be continuing as editor of the ABO Reporter for the upcoming year and seek input from the members to submit newsworthy items, research notes, etc. as early as possible for inclusion in the Winter issue.

This issue of the Reporter contains a listing of papers presented at some of the regional conferences. I would appreciate receiving any conference papers for inclusion in future issues. Jerry Strawser has compiled an outstanding list of working papers and has teamed with William Pasework in writing "It's Worth Reading."

Peter Posnanski and Phil Siegel have contributed research notes. Several important announcements are also included in this issue. I look forward to seeing all of you in Orlando. Have a pleasant summer.

Philip H. Siegel
University of Houston-Downtown