1996 ABO Research Conference

June 24-25, 1996 -- Las Vegas, Nevada

The third annual ABO Research Conference will be held on June 24-25, 1996 at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The scope of the conference will be broad and open to all aspects of research into accounting, behavior and organizations. The objective of the conference is facilitate the interaction and exchange of ideas between the largest possible number of the section's members. The conference will consider behavioral research in all functional areas of accounting. Research papers that reflect the international scope of the ABO section's membership are especially encouraged. Conference dates were selected with particular attention to the academic calendars of the Pacific Rim countries, and to the timing of the 1996 AAANZ Conference.

The deadline for submitting papers is December 15, 1995, although authors are encouraged to submit their papers earlier. Only completed papers should be submitted. The submission fee is U.S. $50 made payable to Behavioral Research in Accounting. This charge will be applied to the conference cost for those attending the research conference. Authors should submit four copies of their manuscript (and instrument when applicable) according to the "Instruction to Authors" found in Behavioral Research in Accounting (BRIA). The use of concurrent sessions will allow a wide variety of papers to be accepted for presentation at the conference. It is anticipated that a subset of papers accepted for the conference will be published in a supplemental issue of BRIA. However, when submitting a paper, authors have the option to indicate if they prefer the paper to be considered for the conference only, and not for possible publication in BRIA. In this case, the paper should have not been published by conference date.

Airfares to Las Vegas are very competitive. Las Vegas is just a short flight from Los Angeles and the frequent flights make Las Vegas a convenient connection for international flights into Los Angeles. The room rate at the Conference hotel will be U.S. $52 (single or double). In recent years, Las Vegas has made efforts to attract families, with the additions of attractions such as Circus Circus and Treasure Island. Many scenic attractions are also within driving distance of Las Vegas, including Lake Mead, Flagstaff and, of course, the Grand Canyon. (For those wishing to visit the Grand Canyon, it is not necessary to stay at a hotel within the Grand Canyon National Park. However, for those interested in doing so, reservations should be made a year in advance for June and July.)

More information on the conference including registration information will appear in the Winter issue of The ABO Reporter. For additional information, please contact the conference chair, Michael Bamber (University of Georgia). Submissions should be sent to:

E. Michael Bamber
J. M. Tull School of Accounting
Terry College of Business
The University of Georgia
Athens, Ga 30602-6252
Phone: 706/542-3601
Fax: 706/542-7196
Email: mbamber@uga.cc.uga.edu