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Proposed AAA Faculty Diversity and Initiatives Section

Have you Pledged your SUPPORT?

The sponsors of a proposed new section of the American Accounting Association (AAA) extend to you a special invitation of membership. The proposed AAA Section will identify issues related to faculty diversity. In this respect, programs and the agenda will focus on the following:

  • Recruitment, retention and development of faculty members, particularly underrepresented populations.
  • Publishing, monitoring and stimulating research on policies and issues that impact faculty, doctoral candidates and undergraduate students.
  • Assessment and the providing of Section members’ needs including presentation forums, research and publication assistance, mentoring relationships and career development programs.

The Section will pair with organizations interested in diversity initiatives and develop programs that will mutually benefit Section members and the AAA. Section plans will be fine-tuned based upon members’ input and suggestions.

All correspondence should be forwarded to:

Faculty Diversity and Initiatives Section
C/o Dr. Ida Robinson-Backmon
North Carolina A&T State University
Accounting Department—School of Business and Economics
Greensboro, NC 27411
Phone: (336) 334-7581, ext. 6004
Fax (336-334-7093)

Please sign the following form, if interested, and mail or fax ([336] 334-7093) the form to Dr. Robinson-Backmon.

Please feel free to duplicate the form.

I agree to become a dues-paying member of the Faculty Diversity and Initiatives Section:
(Dues are expected to be about $10.00)

Name: ____________________________________



I would like to be considered as a Section officer or Committee member: Yes____ No___

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