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Proposed Bylaw Changes

The ABO Executive Board has put forth two proposed changes to our bylaws:

  1. Proposal to allow dues changes to be voted on by electronic ballot (rather than only at the business meeting)

    Rationale: Our current bylaws state that dues increases must be approved by a majority vote of members present at a regularly scheduled business meeting. Because we currently hold a business meeting once a year, it makes it very difficult to make changes for the section in a timely manner, based on the input of our entire constituency.

    This is NOT a proposal to increase Section dues, but rather a proposal to give us the flexibility to do it in a more timely manner in the future if there is a need. Our dues are currently very low compared to other sections, and we may be forced to increase dues if the overhead costs from the AAA continue to rise, or if we want to undertake any major Section initiatives.

    All other requirements for dues changes (e.g., majority vote and 30-day written notice to members) would remain the same.
  2. Proposal to change the timing of the official business meeting to coincide with the research conference rather than the Annual Meeting.

    Rationale: We currently hold our annual business meeting in conjunction with the AAA Annual Meeting. Because the business meeting conflicts with other AAA sessions and activities, attendance at this meeting is typically very low (e.g., 10 to 15 members).

    The Board recommends that we move the official business meeting to coincide with the midyear research conference. We believe we would get much better attendance since the conference is focused on our Section and those who attend share the goal of supporting behavioral research. We also believe it would provide an opportunity to get more people who are interested in behavioral research involved in our Section's governance structure.

    We would then hold some type of social function (e.g., reception) at the AAA to provide an opportunity for our members to interact and to recognize the outgoing officers, etc. The Chair would also have the option of calling an official business meeting (with 30 days' notice) at the AAA if circumstances warrant.

All bylaws changes must be approved by a 2/3 majority of total votes cast, so please take the opportunity to express your vote on these issues when you receive a ballot in the near future.

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