The ABO Reporter

Letter from the Editor

This issue of the Reporter begins with a letter from the chair, Stacey Whitecotton, which includes a summary of recent section events and some proposed bylaw changes.

We would all like to thank Sean Peffer (University of Kentucky) for his work on the 2003 Research Conference in Denver. The conference was a great success and this newsletter contains summaries of some of the panels at the conference. John Rigsby's 2003 Working Paper Series, which is a terrific regular contribution, is also included. Finally, in this issue we have a record number of the Announcements and Calls for Papers from both conferences and journals.

Please feel free to send me suggestions for improvements, changes, or additions to the Reporter. I would like to make this publication as useful as possible to our membership!

Best wishes,
Elizabeth Dreike Almer, Editor

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