Call for Nominations

AAA Award for Innovation in Accounting Education

(Funded by the Ernst & Young Foundation)

The American Accounting Association requests nominations for the Award for Innovation in Accounting Education.

Award Intent

The intent of the award is to encourage innovation and improvement in accounting education. The award will recognize a significant activity, concept or set of materials. The awardee can be an individual, group of individuals or an institution.

Award Criteria

The criteria used by the Selection Committee to judge submissions include, but are not limited to:

a. innovation;
b. educational benefits; and
c. adaptability by other educational institutions or to other situations.

Nominations may include, for instance, a set of teaching materials, an overall curriculum or program, a creative instructional strategy, or an insightful teaching approach. The innovation should have been implemented so that evidence of its success can be evaluated.

Nomination letters are encouraged who individuals who are aware of innovative work done by others, as well as from those involved with the innovation. The nomination letters should include the name(s) of the individual or institution involved and a brief description of the innovative work, and be submitted no later than January 15, 1996. The Committee will request application materials from nominees.

Award Process

To be considered for the Award for Innovation in Accounting Education, completed application materials must be received from nominees by February 15, 1996. Submissions should include seven copies and should contain:

a. A brief description of the design, development, implementation, use and evaluation of the innovation.

b. Evidence of the successful results of the innovation, benefits and adaptability.

Mailing Address

Nomination letters and application materials should be sent to:

Professor Loren Nikolai
School of Accountancy
326 Middlebush Hall
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO 65211

Award Presentation

The awardee will be announced in the ACCOUNTING EDUCATION NEWS and presented with the award, which consists of a plaque and $5,000, at the 1996 AAA Annual Meeting. This award is funded by the Ernst & Young Foundation.

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