Journal of Accounting Abstracts (JAA)

Members of the ABO section should be aware of the Journal of Accounting Abstracts (JAA). JAA is an electronic compendium of abstracts of working papers and accepted papers being published by the Accounting Research Network (ARN), a division of Social Science Electronic Publishing (SSEP). JAA, which is published weekly, intends to increase the exchange of ideas and awareness of existing research papers. The journal contains only abstracts. Hard copy is available from the authors(s).

JAA is edited by Ross Watts at the Simon Graduate School of Business Administration of the University of Rochester. His intent is to include in JAA abstracts of a wide array of papers reflecting the varied themes and methods used in accounting research. ABO members are encouraged to submit abstracts for inclusion in JAA. Abstracts of those papers accepted for publication in volume 9 of Behavioral Research in Accounting will appear in JAA with the author's permission.

During the startup period subscriptions to JAA are free. One can subscribe it to by sending, via email, your name, institution, telephone, fax number, email address and status (faculty/student/otherwise employed) to Be sure to use the subject line "Journal of Accounting Abstracts." Postal correspondence can be addressed to ARN, 1121 Black Locust, Pflugerville, Texas 78660. Once the subscription has been entered, the journal should then be "delivered" automatically each week to your email address.

Individuals who wish to submit an abstract for inclusion should contact Sandy Barnes at the above email address to obtain the JEL classification scheme. Abstracts are expected to run no more than 150 to 200 words. The general form of the abstracts can be found by examining an issue of JAA. While the abstract may be submitted by email, it will not be published until a hard copy of the paper has been submitted by mail to the ARN at the Pflugerville address. All requests for copies of the paper will be made to the individual designated by the author(s).

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