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Note:  These are the course policies for the undergraduate level of Employment Law. 



Tests (2)








Final Examination (Comprehensive)







1.         Tests are to be taken on the dates scheduled.  There are no excused absences from tests except for illness that requires a physician's note, or death in the immediate family.  If you fail to take a test when scheduled for either of these reasons, you must notify me before the test.  No makeup tests will be given, but the final exam score will replace the excused, missed test.  Unless three tests or finals are scheduled on the same day, students must take their examinations on the scheduled day and time.  Students who have a learning disability may have thirty extra minutes to take a test or final examination.  This extension is only permitted by those students having a certification from Shelia Houser, Director of the Office and Learning Accommodation Department, in Pat Neff Hall at 710-3605.  This extension will be taken in my office after the regular testing period has been completed and at a time agreed upon by the student and me. 

2.         Changes for inadequate eraser marks on exams must be brought to my attention immediately after class on the day exams are returned to you.


3.         No test is recorded until it has been reviewed in class and returned at the end of the class period.  If a student fails to return a test before he/she leaves the classroom, a zero will automatically be given for that test.  A student who returns a test with a page or pages missing will also receive an automatic zero. 

4.         Finals will not be posted and absolutely no phone calls should be made to my office to inquire about the final grade.  A student may, however, give me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I will mail it to the student with the final grade included as soon as possible.  Because of security issues I will not email any grades to students.


1.         Attendance - University policy requires that you attend at least 75% of the classes to receive credit in the course.  Attendance will be recorded at the beginning of class.  If a student misses no more than three class periods, he/she will earn one point of class participation.

2.         Promptness - A student who is late to class should check with the instructor immediately after class in order not be recorded as absent.  Two tardy appearances will count as one absence.


1.         preparation and Participation - Students are expected to read the chapter shown on the syllabus, answer questions in class, and participate in class discussions and exercises.  Supplementary materials will be furnished and it will be essential that you bring this material and your textbook to class.  Homework exercises will be given periodically and will constitute nine per cent of class participation.  Homework must be turned in at the beginning of class unless arrangements have been made with me beforehand.  The only excuses that will be accepted are for illness that requires a physician’s note, or death in the immediate family. 

2.         Presentations - Students will be divided into groups.  Each group must draft an independent contractor’s contract or an employee’s contract.  I will assign each group a special factual situation to be analyzed in their contract.  The draft must be at least 10 - 15 typewritten pages.  A table of contents must be made.  A bibliography with at least 20 different sources from the Internet or Lexis-Nexis must appear at the end of the contract.  The contract must include the duties of the employee, time of employment (definite or at will), compensation and benefits, arbitration clause, covenant not to compete, method of handling intellectual property, confidentiality clause, warranties and representations indemnification clause, modification clause, notice provisions, governing law, severability clause, termination provisions, and entirety clause.  The table of contents and bibliography pages are excluded from the number of pages of material required.  Presentations and work products must be ready at the time specified in the syllabus.  If a member of the group cannot be present because of illness requiring a physician’s note or a death in the immediate family, this person must make arrangements with me to present the contract at another time.  I must be notified before the presentation is due, however.  The presentations shall be done in Power Point.

a.       Busines attire, coat and tie for men, dress suits or pant suits for women, will be required for the student’s presentation.


Office hours must be strictly observed and these hours will be posted outside my office door.  An appointment may be scheduled, however, if a student cannot come during these hours.  Telephone calls to my home telephone or e-mail messages shall not be made unless there is a life-threatening emergency.  Calls may be made at any time to my office telephone and my voice mail will record the message if I am not available.  This number is 710-6128.


Email me at: Blake_LeCrone@baylor.edu
Blume Wing, Accounting Suite 120, Room 135
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